Why hasn’t The Miz fought lately on Raw?

The Miz has been in the middle of a rivalry with Dexter Lumis Y supposedly both planned to fight this Monday, but after faking an injury, he reportedly ended up agreeing, albeit only to attack him with a chair before they had their scheduled match. This lengthens the rivalry between the two a little longer and still leaves Lumis “without a contract”, which would be offered to him in case of victory.

The Miz on WWE RAW October 17, 2022

► The Miz will be on SmackDown this Friday

Although The Miz could have faked an injury to his knee last Monday on Raw to avoid his fight against Dexter Lumis, the truth is that in reality an injury is preventing him from fighting, since has been dealing with a ruptured bursa.

During a recent appearance on Ekeler’s Edge with Los Angeles Chargers running back of the NFL, Austin Ekeler, The Miz revealed that he has had problems with a ruptured bursa, and that this has prevented him from fighting lately.

“I just got back from Monday Night Raw, I didn’t have a match, but every time you have matches, and we have matches over the weekend, any match, your whole body hurts. My neck, my body. When I’m done, I’m not sorry, then the next day I’m like, “Where did this come from?” He leaves and then comes back. I hurt my shoulder a bit. You try to exercise and work through it and keep your body«.

“Just this week, I have to go to SmackDown… I’m not a SmackDown superstar, I’m a Raw superstar, there are two brands. I’m going on Friday just to work on the non-televised main event to give the public something else. That live crowd, you won’t see me on TV, but that live crowd will see me. It’s just that night.”

The Miz - WWE RAW
The Miz – WWE RAW

Hopefully The Miz has a speedy recovery from an injury, which we presume has occurred as a result of the extensive activity he has had. His appearance on SmackDown seems to be a good sign.

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Why hasn’t The Miz fought lately on Raw?