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Like all great WWE PPV, the fans hope a spectacular card for this Survivor Series on Sunday but without the intention of being pessimistic, but quite the opposite: realistic; this edition of SURVIVOR SERIES does not bring the same expectations and desires as previous editions.

What can we expect from WWE Survivor Series?


One of the big ‘hooks’ that this event usually has are brand invasions.

How to forget that time when Shane McMahon and the SMACKDOWN team invaded RAW reducing each of its members behind the scenes to finally bring the General Manager of this brand, Kurt Angle (no less) to the center of the ring and receive the challenge of Shane before the excited breath of the ‘blues’ surrounding the ring. How to forget when Kurt and the RAW ‘reds’ returned the visit to the blue territory, this time putting Shane submitted to Kurt in the center of the ring. How to forget when the women of Smackdown with Becky Lynch at the head invaded RAW humiliating the same Ronda Rousey and with a Lynch giving away one of the most iconic images of her career: with her face bloody after Nia Jax’s blow. How to forget NXT’s invasion of Smackdown territory when they had a pitched battle against RAW at ringside.

Those four events motivated us to see the PPV of that time with more enthusiasm, but now there has been none of this. Those invasions created a special atmosphere around this iconic PPV, fans have been deprived of reliving those moments in recent weeks (this note is written after the RAW of November 15).


Just a few cold mentions of the champions challenging the other champions of the other brand.

Charlotte and Becky may have kept the flame of anger burning, fueled by the controversial “title swap” of a few weeks ago, but from then on, just that.

Big E challenging Roman Reigns in a cold way, defending his friend Xavier Woods for the last attack of the tribal chief, but come on: it’s not enough for one champion to challenge another champion.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Damien Priest, It doesn’t feel like these two stars are going to fight, it is one of those fights that is very difficult to predict, of which you cannot safely bet for one or the other. You can have a lot of faith in this fight, but, the previous one? Is there a precedent for this duel? There isn’t.

The Usos vs RK BRO, If you want this Monday on RAW they gave us a little preview of what their fight this Sunday could be, but we return to the main topic: there is no previous, there is no antecedent of any quarrel or something similar despite the fact that they are two good equipment.


Both brands present teams made up of good, interesting, but somehow disproportionate fighters, let’s review:

Men’s RAW Team: Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, Finn Balor and Austin Theory. The first four, perfect, but Austin Theory? Why not AJ Styles or Omos? Why not Edge? I have faith that ‘something’ has to happen for one of these names to appear.

Men’s SMACKDOWN Team: Drew Mc Intyre, Jeff Hardy, Xavier Woods (or King Woods), Happy Corbin and Sheamus.
That last one is the point to discuss: at this point the fans deserve to know the complete team of the blue brand, but there is not that consideration, that respect, who would occupy that vacant position are tempting names: Sheamus, Cesaro, Koffy Kingston (I have a feeling that it will be him), Ricochet.

On the female side we have the same situation.

RAW team: Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Carmella and Queen Zelina. My calculations tell me that Liv will be one of the finalists as she has to push to her fight against Becky.

SMACKDOWN Team: Sasha Banks, Shayna Baszler, Shotzy, Natalya, and Toni Storm.

4.- WHAT SHOULD BE: Or it should have been.

Now with the presence of the public in the stands, The Undertaker deserves a massive standing ovation as it should be, he was born in a SURVIVOR SERIES and this would be a good opportunity for him to receive the tribute of the public and leave behind that tribute with the empty stands for the Covid and the applause contained in our houses.

As a WWE fan since I was little, I hope that this Sunday we will have a great event despite the difficulties mentioned above. We fans not only deserve the attention of WWE as consumers of their product, more than that, we deserve respect, consideration.

Written by: Gilbert Zabalbeascoa

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What to expect from WWE Survivor Series 2021? – Planet Wrestling