Asensio, intermittent like his kind, appears when necessary

Two players were fundamental in this win against Granada. One, Asensio, who opened the score with a gallop along Usain bolt and defined how phenomena do it. Other,Vincius, which put the 1-3 on the scoreboard (Benzema and Modric were majestic in that play, by the way) and then caused the expulsion that left the rival out of combat. It is fair to highlight these two players because

that they were the main victims of the arrival of


, an unnecessary signing from the practical point of view, although punctual (perhaps) for the image of the white club after the departure of

Cristiano Ronaldo

. Both Asensio and Vincius, however, overcame adversity and came out ahead, especially the Brazilian, today one of the great world stars. Asensio, however, can be an intermittent player, as are his kind.


it was. And nobody ever denied Guti his great class. But it appears when it is needed, which is the important thing, even if the team does not look for it. Vincius, on the other hand, is looking for equipment. More and more. With Ancelotti he has found his way to the goal and unbalances as few footballers do today. Madrid, in short, repeated in Granada the result of last season. The goals were then carried out by Modric, Rodrygo, Odriozola and Benzema (curiously, Mendy scored the first goal in 1-2 two seasons ago). In this match, Madrid could score more goals, but after 1-4 and Granada stayed with one less, they opted for that so-called control football, that is, to reserve forces with a view to the difficult commitments that await them in the coming days. .


only made a change from the previous game, perhaps to give rest to


and reward a player like Nacho who never fails. Acert. Nacho is safer than a bank guarantee. And even marc.

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Asensio, intermittent like his kind, appears when necessary