Vince Russo doesn’t understand what happened to Damian Priest on Raw | Superfights

Damian Priest successfully defended the United States Championship against Jeff Hardy last night in Raw. He was delighted to see himself face to face with the “Charismatic Enigma” as well as this one to have a shot at the title. Only one could take the victory and ended up being “The Infamous Archer”, who now he is on his way to expose the belt again, this time to Sheamus in Extreme Rules 2021. The story between the two has not ended yet after Priest was crowned by defeating the “Celtic Warrior” in SummerSlam 2021.

► Vince Russo analyzes Damian Priest vs. Sheamus

Precisely during the Priest vs. Yesterday’s Hardy the Irish fighter was in the comments and once the fighting action was over, he entered the string to attack the champion. But he did not play it well because he was able to respond with a kick to the face that made him flee the stage in a hurry. This is what Vince Russo did not understand about the rivalry between the two. As I said in the program Legion of Raw which airs every week after the WWE television show, Sheamus should have been victorious from that duel.

“We had Sheamus in the comments, someone was out. Obviously, Priest is going to retain the belt at Extreme Rules. Why would you allow him to come out on top at the end of that fight? Sheamus attacks him and then we see Priest, the technician, stay on top. Why? Has no sense. They should have dumped Damian Priest. Maybe even (Sheamus) walked away with his title. But no. Priest had to recover. In the end, the technician is the one standing. I do not understand«.

According to how the McMahon company usually builds a fight in a pay-per-view, it is most likely to be next Monday when Sheamus is above Damian Priest so that this one takes revenge the 26 of September retaining the championship.