Shawn Michaels was fined for going off script during a segment on WWE Raw

During the broadcast of your podcast Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard revealed that Shawn Michaels was heavily fined for Vince McMahon after going off script in a segment during a broadcast of WWE RAW in 1997. At the time, a pre-recorded video of The Undertaker and HBK insulted him.

Jim Ross was to interview Michaels while simultaneously a video recorded by Taker was broadcast. However, HBK began to make him obscene gestures to Rosson camera, and verbally attacked Undertaker, something that was not in the script of the program that night. According to Prichard, the WWE Hall of Famer he was unhappy with his role in the company and was looking for his way out.

“I think everyone backstage saw it and they didn’t know how to react. It was like, ‘Hey, Vince’s not here, and Shawn is acting out of line. It wasn’t a professional move on his part.“, commented Bruce Prichard. “It just was that way and it was perceived that way. it was unprofessional“.

how additive, neither Vince McMahon himself nor Undertaker were on the premises that day where WWE RAW took place, so the punishment came later for Michaels. In Prichard’s words, “he received the highest fine that Vince has ever done”.

“He took it very badly. I was furious about what happened. Vince was extremely livid about it and put Shawn, at the time, the highest fine ever given to anyonePrichard explained. However, within a few weeks, started liking HBK’s attitude, which he emphasized as “attitude”. Prichard believed that this way of being of Michaels was one of the points to arrive at what was the Attitude Era.

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Shawn Michaels was fined for going off script during a segment on WWE Raw