Rumors about the return of WWE to television in Spain

During the last few hours, rumors have emerged about the return of WWE to Television in Spain. We tell you how the WWE situation is regarding television in Spain and if there are plans to return to television in the short term.

WWE back on Spanish television?

During yesterday, the rumor of a possible return of WWE to television in Spain began to spread on social networks. The company stopped allowing the visualization for Spain of the show of WWE SmackDown on January 7, which aroused the curiosity of all fans.

After consulting our sources, the official response we have received is as follows:

WWE controls the geolocation of its videos through the tools provided by YouTube. It is very common for a large part of the WWE videos to have geolocation, since videos directed to certain countries are uploaded. For this reason, videos in Arabic and other languages ​​never appear in recommendations, despite the fact that they are uploaded to the official WWE channel.

What happens with this video is a technical error. WWE would be very happy to return to television in Spain but at the moment there is no broadcast agreement in this country. The company is open to future negotiations in all countries that are interested in buying the WWE RAW, WWE SmackDown or WWE NXT product, but so far Spain has not been included in the broadcast plans.

The broadcast of old PPV’s is managed differently from that of weekly shows, but so far nothing has been closed with any chain. If the interest of the fans grows, it could change the mind of the television networks and make them worry about bringing our product to the programming.

A former WWE manager, fired during 2021, has confirmed to PLANETA WRESTLING that Spain is not on the company’s list of priorities for broadcasting its content on Television. Countries in Europe with the highest salaries are a priority, as charging more makes it easier to sell official merchandise and tickets to your future live events.

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Rumors about the return of WWE to television in Spain