Riddle and Seth Rollins have an altercation at WWE SummerSlam

The surprises don’t stop at the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-viewwell even though Riddle had been declared injured, yet decided to aggressively appear on the show.

The fight between both athletes had been canceled

Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins vs Riddle had been confirmed for ‘The Hottest Event of the Summer’, being one of the first rivalries to emerge in the face of tonight’s Live Premium Event. The feud became quite personal, for ‘El Revolucionario, El Revolucionario’ constantly attacked his rival, in fact, this was the factor that caused the injury of ‘El Bro’ and the cancellation of the fight.

World Wrestling Entertainment confirmed in the middle of this week that after the attack that Seth Rollins released on his rival in the most recent episode of WWE Monday Night RAW caused him an injury that would leave him out of the SummerSlam fightas the medical team was forced not to discharge him to compete.

Riddle appeared irate at SummerSlam

After the fight for the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships, in which The Usos defeated The Street ProfitsRiddle appeared in public running towards the ring with a microphone in his hand. The athlete mentioned that his great friend and his teammate, Randy Orton, always advised him not to be insulted by anyone, which includes Seth Rollins, so he called his rival to the ring.

Although we know that the injury is under Kayfabe and Riddle is fineit was certainly surprising to see him in ‘The Hottest Event of the Summer’ challenging his staunch rival. It didn’t take long for Seth to leave surrounded by WWE staff who were trying to keep things from getting out of handhowever, nothing could stop the two talents, who They exchanged violent blows on the ring.

Unfortunately for Riddle, things would end with a Curb Stomp from Seth, which left him lying on the canvas and being attended to by Company officers..

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Riddle and Seth Rollins have an altercation at WWE SummerSlam