Rhea Ripley feels the atmosphere of WWE RAW like that of NXT

After having lived a big step in NXT 2.0 development mark, and be currently shining in the raw red mark, The Nightmare Rhea Ripley has compared the two brands commented that the environments of the same feel similar.

Rhea Ripley sees the environments of NXT and Monday Night RAW as similar

for a good while Rhea Ripley was performing in NXT, was able to win the championship of the same brand on one occasion and was one of the most impressive super stars, in 2021 he made his official arrival on the main roster on Monday Night RAW where he continues to date reaping achievements, currently forming part of the Stable Heel Judment Day next to finn balor Y Damian Priest.

Recently The Nightmare has made a comparison of their experiences lived in the aforementioned brands, During a recent interview for Gorilla Positions in Clash at the Castle, Rhea Ripley commented that she feels the atmosphere of RAW the same as that of NXT, these were his words.

“I feel like it’s definitely familiar, I feel like it’s NXT for me, personally, I don’t know how other people feel, but for me, it feels like that NXT vibe, which I loved so much the time I was there, I have to all my friends back, those who have moved and those who have returned.”

Currently Rhea is still with the other members of Judgment Day rivaling Edge and Rey Mysterio, recently these have added to a new member who is the very son of the masked man, Dominik who is now an official part of the group, to prove your loyalty This coming Monday on RAW he will face the superstar category «R» Edge.

We’ll see if how this continues Dominik’s story with Rhea Ripley and the other members of the faction, while Rey wants no part of this but it may be unavoidable.

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Rhea Ripley feels the atmosphere of WWE RAW like that of NXT