RAW: Jeff Hardy loses to the fighter who humiliated him

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In the last edition by Monday night Raw, Jeff Hardy He would face the young man who humiliated him on the last show, Austin Theory, who after dedicating a few words about how important he was during his childhood, and that he has become a professional wrestler, so that later he would ask for a photo as a fan, however, later he would attack Jeff Hardy to end up taking a photo on the canvas with an unconscious charismatic enigma.

The combat would begin with a Jeff Hardy overturned in the attack to defend his honor, Theory would defend himself, however, the champion 24/7, Reggie, would appear on stage in the middle of the ring along with other fighters following him to be able to snatch the championship, both Theory and Jeff They were astonished at what happened, this fact helped Jeff to get rid of the key in which he was subjected and I would take advantage to apply the “twist of fate”.

The charismatic enigma would seek to apply its combo of movements, pero already when it was thrown in the mythical swantom bomb, Austin would manage to take off at the last second, so Hardy would hit the canvas square with his back, Theory would take advantage of the blow to make the count of three, Hardy could not avenge his legacy.

A new opportunity on Smakdown

The fact that Jeff Hardy could have his last run, and that Willow lets him into that select group of fighters with his last big stage, pI would call for Vince Mcmahon and Jeff Hardy to agree on the character, because Impact and Hardy are the owners of the rights to Willow, both parties can achieve it with a contract but it is well known that the tycoon likes to have authorship, to own everything registered. This character would be a great opportunity to rebound the fighter’s career, due to the mysticism that surrounds Willow.

So was the combat.