Possible plans for the 2021 Survivor Series matches

So far WWE has not announced any match for the undercard of Survivor Series 2021, even so the plans could always be that the champions of the brands face each other, this could be confirmed in the next few weeks.

Survivor Series could always count on the traditional champion vs champion fights

There are just over two weeks left for the 2021 Survivor Series celebration and WWE has not announced any matches for the event card, What is official by the company is that the event will have the usual characteristic of recent years to face the champions of RAW and Smackdown, in the latest newsletter of the WrestlingObserver Dave Meltzer indicated that WWE will wait a little longer to announce the Survivor Series matches, this is what Meltzer reported:

“WWE has done nothing to promote Survivor Series. There are no more

two layoffs from RAW and three from Smackdown. Usually already

would be promoting RAW vs Smackdown matches but they have not

said nothing. In the original advertising the slogan was used that it is the

the only night of the year that the stars of RAW and Smackdown

face. They have done promotions that go back more than a month

and they hint at the idea of ​​Roman Reigns vs Big E in the traditional

battle of champions, but it hasn’t been talked about yet. I was told

that the mentality behind not having promoted it is that they felt that

They squeezed Crown Jewel as hard as they could and as hard as they could.

The important thing now is to overcome the new disputes with the new

rosters and let new rosters form on television.

Later, they will press with Survivor Series ”.

Survivor Series is also known for having the traditional fights of 5 representatives of RAW vs 5 representatives of Smackdown, We will probably see WWE promoting these fights in the coming weeks and so this great event will take shape, we will be attentive to all the news.

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Possible plans for the 2021 Survivor Series matches