Original plans for Karrion Kross before he fired from WWE

Following his dismissal, some plans WWE had in mind for Karrion Kross in the red mark of WWE RAW, We tell you what those ideas were.

Plans for Karrion Kross on RAW leading up to his firing

Karrion Kross was recently fired along with 17 other super stars, Despite being one of NXT’s most dominant superstars, Karrion had a hard time getting promoted to the main roster on the RAW red brand. just when he lost the NXT championship to Samoa Joe, WWE gave him a character that was mocked and finally Karrion did not quite fit in RAW, in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer revealed that WWE intended to remove Karrion Kross from the schedule to bring him back later with another character, This is what Meltzer reported:

Karrion Kross was quietly pulled from the

programming a week or two ago. After the

Last time we saw him on TV, Vince McMahon

made the typical call to get it off television.

Said the helmet thing didn’t work, they had to

get him off the tv to give him a new one

appearance. I was surprised that he was fired,

because I was going to bring him back with a new look ”.

Other information that has been released is the fact that Karrion Kross was coming up with his own plans, However, the managers did not give him the green light to apply these ideas and that is why he was left with nothing to do until those new plans were carried out that were never given. Karrion Kross can compete again in 90 days so we will have to wait to see what will be next in his career.

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Original plans for Karrion Kross before he fired from WWE