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The fighter of Monday night raw, Kevin Owens, recently signed his renewal with WWE. In an interview with TVA, the Canadian wrestler revealed that he still had many things to do in WWE.

Kevin Owens with a lot to do still in WWE

Kevin Owens has made headlines in recent weeks for signing his renewal with WWE. The wrestler expanded his bond with the company and has a great time as a challenger to the WWE championship. And although the Canadian has achieved many achievements, he still believes that he has things to do in WWE. In an interview with TVA Sports, Owens spoke about what he has left to do at the company.

Various goals for Owens

“I always try to give the show what it asks for. I try to give the fans what they want. In a way that they can appreciate. And that they can say that although it did not end in the right way, it was a great fight that they saw. It’s what I want, to give good fights ”.

“Of course I would love to be a WWE champion. I would like to win the tag team titles with Sami Zayn. It is something that is written and I do not see how it will not happen if we are both in WWWE “, said Kevin Owens in relation to his objectives.

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Kevin Owens has things to do in WWE – Planeta Wrestling