Kevin Dunn, accused of trying to sabotage Solo Sikoa on WWE RAW

Last night, Solo Sikoa defeated Dolph Ziggler in a singles match at raw. After exceeding eleven minutes, the member of The Bloodline gave him a Samoan Spike in the air to the former world champion to beat him by count of three. Nevertheless, Vince Russoformer WWE writer, was not at all satisfied with the Kevin Dunn’s work after the fight.

After the match, WWE issued several replays in which it was clearly seen that Sikoa hit Ziggler’s arm with the Samoan Spike, and according to Vince Russo, that repeated choice by Kevin Dunn in the making could not be a fluke. These were his words in the last program of Legion of RAW from Sportskeeda:

“People can say what they want about Kevin Dunn. Bro, he’s great at his job. But when I see something like that, my alarm goes off. Because for me, bro, that was done on purpose, for whatever reason. She clearly did the spike on the arm, and you go and repeat it. That’s made to bury someone.”

The truth is that WWE has multiple camera shots to cover this type of errors in the broadcast, however, yesterday RAW was broadcast several repetitions where it was very obvious that the blow hit Dolph Ziggler’s arm.

In addition to that, Vince Russo talked about the WWE tag team division after the Turmoil Tag Team match that was held on the red mark program, and the former scriptwriter considers that a team from the 90s would leave “in ridicule“to the rest of the couples of today.

“Can you imagine the harlem heat in this show? Everyone else would be like fucking amateurs. They’d look like amateurs, bro.”

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Kevin Dunn, accused of trying to sabotage Solo Sikoa on WWE RAW