Jimmy Uso shows his support for Naomi after the events of the recent WWE Raw | Superfights

The controversy born this week with Sasha Banks Y Naomi leaving Raw was certainly not planned by the company, according to It was clarified by Raw commentator Jimmy Smith. Evidently divided opinions arose, some in favor and others against the fighters, while other people, like Cameron, commented that “The Boss” probably manipulated the “Glow”and that his former partner in WWE I would be unhappy in the companyon the other hand, bully ray believes which is the perfect opportunity for Naomi to join The Bloodlines.

Naomi and Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 38 (03/04/2022) / WWE

β–Ί Jimmy Uso finally spoke out after what happened with his wife Naomi

About The Bloodline, one of its members, Jimmy Uso He also reacted to Naomi and Banks leaving, and is clearly showing his support for them. It couldn’t be any other way, considering that Jimmy and Naomi are married.

Jimmy Uso used his instagram stories to upload two photos of The Boss and The Glow, while showing them his support for what happened last Monday.

From Jimmy Uso’s Instagram stories.

Jimmy USO showing his support for Sasha Banks and NaomiΒ»

Naomi and Sasha Banks - WWE Raw
Naomi and Sasha Banks – WWE Raw

Certainly, most agree that it was real and not part of a story, even though their strike was some kind of publicity stunt, considering that WWE very little brings these things to light during the same broadcast of the program. Vince Russo also commented at the time that, if Roman Reigns or The Bloodline endorsed the WWE Tag Team Champions, the company might just have to leave this situation underground. Perhaps Jimmy Uso is the first step, so we will have to see how this story continues.

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Jimmy Uso shows his support for Naomi after the events of the recent WWE Raw | Superfights