JBL and Cameron Grimes did not end WWE Raw

A few weeks ago we saw a disgruntled Baron Corbin after a new loss on Raw entering JBL’s limousine to start his new story in WWE under the wing of a Hall of Famer. Last night at the red mark both appeared together, John Bradshaw Layfield praised his new protégé and then he defeated Dolph Ziggler.

in the same show, NXT Superstar Cameron Grimes made a backstage appearance interrupting a segment on AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows and returning to his billionaire persona. Grimes, Anderson and Gallows will face tonight at the yellow mark Joe Gacy, rip fowler Y Jagger Reid.

► JBL and Cameron Grimes will return to Raw

The one who was WWE Champion returning, the one who was North American Champion debuting, both were on television and for neither of them was their last appearance on Raw. Our colleagues from PW Insider they report that both could continue to make appearances on the red mark.

“There was a lot of talk this morning about Cameron Grimes could make additional appearances on Raw in the coming weeks«.

“Baron Corbin is now officially on the Raw roster. As we noted on Sunday, JBL is expected to make several appearances on the Raw brand in the coming weeks«.

Although we do not have any information as to what Cameron Grimes is going to leave NXT soon. This rather attends to Triple H’s intention that the three brands work together more regularly than until now. We only have to see tonight’s yellow program besides. Although this is also related to the dispute with Dynamite.

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JBL and Cameron Grimes did not end WWE Raw