JBL ensures that Eddie Guerrero was key to the success of his character in WWE

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After standing out in the division by pairs and in the midcard of WWE, Bradshaw changed his character in 2004 and became JBL, the most iconic and remembered version of the fighter. From there, the Hall of Fame member quickly rose through the ranks, eventually rising to the top for get the WWE Championship for … Read more

JBL talks about his return on WWE RAW

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Through the RAW Talk program, JBL talked about his return to WWE. As usual every Monday, WWE made a new edition of its weekly episode called RAW. This week’s episode left us with several very interesting details. One of those details, were the returns of Baron Corbin and JBLwhere the latter will be Corbin’s manager. … Read more

JBL praised Judgment Day: “One of the most interesting things WWE has done” | Superfights

JBL praised Judgment Day One of the most interesting things

The Hall of Fame member WWE, Edgeis bringing life back to Raw thanks to the creation of his new dark factionwhich is named Judgment Day and that he leads and in which they accompany him rhea ripley Y Damian Priestwho even already received new nicknames: The Punishment and The Eradicator, respectively. Judgment Day – WWE … Read more