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Corbin has a new character. After the ruined entity that roamed from city to city, from ring to ring, now it seems that The one who was «Golden Glove» in boxing has hit the key of a rich and funny guy after passing through the casinos of Las Vegas this summer. But not everyone can say that they have the same facility to adapt to change as he does. Some Superstars have managed their long careers thanks to the large amount of money they have had and others have only for some time. That is why in this article We’ll go over some of the richest guys who have ever stepped into a ring of Wwe.

► Alberto del Río

The Pattern, Alberto Del Rio came to Wwe as “the chosen one”as “the heir” and the top-tier badass who liked old-school tricks; he even had his own servant and announcer in the figure of Ricardo Rodríguez. There was enough difference between Del Rio and the rest of the talents to make him stand out, make him credible and fearsome, but his own personal problems caused him to lose any option to eternal glory in the company.

► Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon on the December 17, 2018 episode of Raw / WWE

When you are rich and the boss of the company in real life, it is not difficult it must be difficult to get them to despise you, as happened to Mr. McMahon, especially during the Attitude Era. He used all his money and influence to minimize Bret hart in real life and countless on-screen fighters, from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to Sable or Kofi kingstonEven tried to give away some of his own money with Million Dollar Mania. He rarely walked around flaunting his wealth holding dollars, but everyone knew how heavy his wallet was.

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Baron corbin has had several characters throughout his career … First as the “Lone Wolf,” then the “Constable of Raw,” and more recently as “King Corbin.”. But after losing his crown, he was so unlucky that he lost everything in his life: house, car, wife … and some of the talents tried to help him without success. But it was getting to Las Vegas and succeeding in a big way. Now like Happy Corbin he’s having a blast.


JBL on SmackDown - WWE

After years of being a big, cheeky, feisty Texan, Bradshaw added his business acumen in real life to being a big, cheeky, hard-hitting ex-Texan with a lot of money.. He broke free of his bonds and began dressing like a real businessman to become JBL. The change brought him straight to the top of the cast and became one of the longest-lived WWE Champions of the modern era.

► Cameron Grimes

cameron grimes 3

After investing in stocks of GameStop, Cameron Grimes became not only one of the richest in NXT but in all of WWESo far, it’s actually the only babyface full-fledged on this list. NXT briefly tried to turn him rude but the WWE Universe did not accept it, changing direction in time. His history with Ted DiBiase and the introduction of LA Knight into the fiefdom helped turn the quirky Grimes into a hero..

► The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase

Ted DiBiase1

May not be the most original characterBut when you think of the richest fighters of all time Everyone thinks of “The Million Dollar Man” first Ted DiBiase. From humiliating and exploiting poor fans who wanted to make money to berating Virgil and even laughing at innocent children, DiBiase was always one of WWE’s most hated despite giving away $ 100 bills on his way to the ring.. Thanks to an iconic laugh and title, no matter how many rich fighters appear on the pages of history books, there’s only one million dollar man.

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Happy Corbin and other rich characters in WWE | Superfights