Fans call for the firing of Ronda Rousey from WWE

Although the first stage of Ronda Rousey as Superstar of WWE -since WrestleMania 34 until WrestleMania 35— was not without some controversy, especially after being booed in Survivor Series 2018can be classified as acceptable.

But today, far is that debut with Kurt Angle that amazed followers and analysts, or that raw fight against charlotte flair after which he received a string of kendo shovels from “The Queen”. And it is that more than four years later, the reality is that Rousey has not shown any evolution among the twelve strings, nor in front of the microphone, starring in a return where she monopolizes a role that only deserves by name, not by quality.

Y those seams could be seen last Saturday during her defense of the SmackDown Women’s Championship in Survivor Series WarGamesworst fight of the entire evening (it didn’t help that she was paired with shotzigladiator who made the leap too soon to the main cast).


► #FireRondaRousey, trend

Last night, during Rawand although Ronda Rousey did not make an appearance there, social networks were flooded with criticism of “The Baddest Woman on the Planet”, channeled through the hashtag #FireRondaRousey on Twitter.

The user JDfromNY, House Of Glory commentator and regular WWE follower, is clear: Rousey is the “cancer” of the SmackDown women’s division and has to leave the company.

By then, #FireRondaRousey was already a trend.

Some They don’t seem to forgive Rousey for taking the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Liv Morgan.

Others took the opportunity to request the return of Sasha Banks.

dynamics that did not like Ryan Satin.

If the plan is still for Rousey to collide again with Becky LynchOf course, no one doubts who will wear which rue in history, whether or not it is presented like this by WWE. In any case, McMahonlandia will keep Rousey relevant until the end of her contract.

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Fans call for the firing of Ronda Rousey from WWE