Don West passes away

Former TNA/Impact Wrestling commentator Don West has passed away at the age of 59.

West’s former colleague and friend, Mike Tenay, took to Twitter this afternoon to announce the passing following his battle with brain cancer.

“Just heard from his wife Terri that our brother @DonWestDeals is spending New Years in heaven. Terri said that D-Dub eventually had to give up his fight with lymphoma. We bonded as soon as we met, both as streaming partners and friends. Years of great moments both on and off camera,” Tenay wrote.

West announced in June 2021 that he had been diagnosed with brain lymphoma. He announced that the cancer was in remission in September, but started a second battle with cancer in December 2021. West then announced in January 2022 that the cancer had returned, and last summer West had another setback as the fight continued.

At one point there were plans to undergo stem cell treatment as part of the battle against brain lymphoma, but the tumor doubled in size. This led the doctors to decide that they had to cancel the stem cell treatment. West was then scheduled to start a new and different treatment in June.

Following a successful career in sales that included a run with the Home Shopping Network, West began working with TNA in 2002. He commented on and later oversaw the company’s sales and marketing department. West hosted a daily noon sports talk show on SportsRadio 560 WNSR AM in Nashville from 2001 to 2008, and most recently worked for NewsRadio 560 KPQ in Washington state where he hosted The Don West Show.

West returned to work for Impact’s marketing department in January 2017 and made a special return to the announce table at Slammiversary 2017.

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Don West passes away