“This is really a dream”

Emilio Taboada last night spoke in Primera Básquetbol about his new role at Yale, since he is the new president of the club of his loves.

On how the possibility came about, he said: “It started happening naturally, I was always linked to the club, now that I started playing again I got a little closer, getting together with younger gurises who were wanting to work for Yale. The board that was there before wanted a replacement, and they also provide us with support for what is to come. It’s a bit of trying to get everyone together and trying to do the best.”

“I feel good in my legs, I am surely going to try to play another year. If I want to play third at Yale, I probably have to play El Subway to keep up, that would be the best.” Taboada stated about his continuity as a player.

Regarding the objectives as president, taking into account the resources that Jacinto Vera’s blue has, he said: “What we are going to do now is expand the databases of the club, of players, of partners. Trying to do a good job in training, looking for good coaches, we are already thinking a little about what is to come and those are the first steps. Afterwards, in the long term, hopefully the club can grow in infrastructure, which is something it should have”.

“We have male and female trainees in all categories. We have a total of 84 players, we aspire to try to increase that number. Hopefully it can happen” declared about the formation of the institution.

“I had several calls, many people from the club for years, also from other teams were very happy, for me that is very important because you always need a hand when you start doing these things. I was not surprised by any call in particular, because we had already been digesting this issue. I thank everyone who congratulated and greeted me, and also offered their support, which is extremely important.” indicated in how many hours after the news was known.

Referring to the doors that may be opened to the club with his name as president, and some facilities that may be generated, he stated: “That is what we are going to try to take advantage of, that was a bit the idea of ​​getting into the front line, let’s say. It’s a bit trying impossible things, you start to think about life, with grown children and other parents. This is really a dream, we are going to try. It is a neighborhood club, quite familiar”.

“The truth is that the last tournament was unfortunately short, but we got the most out of it. We lived through very exciting matches, we were able to enjoy it and we were left with the disappointment of the last one, which was a bit the icing on the cake, but there is no other choice but to congratulate Welcome because the truth was superior. It made me very happy that the club is participating again, and above all because there were people willing to collaborate and see it well, that’s also why I threw myself into this other facet ” Emilio sentenced.

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“This is really a dream”