Damian Priest new United States champion at WWE SummerSlam

Damian Priest, the fighter from Puerto Rico has won the United States title tonight in the third fight from the most important show of the summer, SummerSlam, after defeating the previous champion, Sheamus.

Damian Priest defeats Sheamus to become the new United States champion

In which it has been a frenetic fight and where the fighters have given everything, Damian Priest, has managed to win the United States champion after defeating Sheamus at WWE SummerSlam.

The fighters of the red mark of WWE RAW He has left his skin in a fight where he has started dominating a Priest who was looking to win quickly and who has given a tremendous shot from the third rope to ringside.

But Sheamus had other plans and has used his bad weapons to begin to dominate the fight and has been on the verge of claiming victory a couple of times. but Priest has reacted with a spinning kick from the third string but Sheamus has escaped, then it has been an Alabama Slam by Sheamus that has also reached two, and a knee in the face of Sheamus in the face of Priest where he also counts it has reached two.

Finally Priest was in a Sheamus submission hold and has gotten up and ripped off Sheamus’s mask and from here on he has brutally attacked him, ending The Reckoning to get the count of three and take the title.

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