Tiziana Huici will play in the university basketball of the United States – The most important news of Corrientes

In dialogue with EL LIBERTADOR, the young woman recounted her beginnings as a player, and the importance of her family’s support at each stage. In addition, she told about the feelings found when she is summoned for the Argentine women’s basketball team. He also expressed what his hopes are to conquer in sport.
How did you get started in basketball?
-I started when I was very little, I was 8 or 9 years old, and because of my brother because he was actually the one who played. But I started to like it, and I wanted to do the same, so I wanted to go to the club and the problem was that there was no female at that time. I started playing with the boys, and luckily I was able to continue there and I liked it.
When you decided to continue in the sport, what did your family say?
-My family always supported me, in every way. Whenever I needed to go somewhere, because my problem was that in Santa Lucia there was no female competition, and once I couldn’t play with the boys anymore, that was the problem.
Luckily, from the first moment I wanted to go somewhere, whatever I needed, whatever, accompaniment for a trip, they were there.
In which club did you start in Santa Lucia? And how did you continue?
-I started at the Spanish club in Santa Lucía, there I played with the men up to the U15 category, because in the U16 they no longer let me play because of the size issue and that they could hurt me.
In 2018 I continued at the Unión de Goya club, and by the middle of 2019 I went to Talleres de Paraná, in Entre Ríos. And in that same year, I started with the Argentine National Team, I even started before and after only in the middle of the year I got a club that was in Talleres de Paraná, where I played the Federal Women’s tournament. He was in the national team and he didn’t have a club, he was very crazy.
What is your position on the field of play?
-Since I started, I am in the same position, I play 2, I have played 1 many times, and I am trying to throw myself more there, like the base.
How would you describe yourself as a player? And how do those who know you define you?
-I would define myself as threatening and game generator. And they define me as intense.
How was your citation given to the selection?
-It was tremendous, I was not playing and they had called me only for references they had, and for the occasional video of the Argentine national team tournaments, which I had played with the Corrientes national team. And I think it was mostly because of those videos, of the few games that I had. It was the breaking point where I decided to dedicate myself.
What do you value about the preselections?
-I rescue the entire process, everything I experienced with the national team until today, everything was perfect and great. Everything I learned, and what I have changed as a player, I really appreciate it, and I love being part of it.
How do you see women’s basketball in Corrientes?
-Women’s basketball in Corrientes is scarce, so I had to go play elsewhere. Capable they are starting with the minibasquet, which is the base, in Santa Lucia and the Interior, but of what is my category there is very little.
Who are your references in basketball?
-Today I really like Facundo Campazzo, and Melisa Gretter of women.
Are you going to the United States on a scholarship?
-Now I’m in Buenos Aires because tomorrow I’m going to the United States. It is a scholarship at a university. But this started in the middle of last year, when we were in the middle of a pandemic and they offered me a company that acts as a representative.
Luckily, my family kind of gave me the push I needed to access. Since I started with total uncertainty because I did not know what could happen, and luckily I got the scholarship, and today after a year I am about to leave.
Feelings about the new challenge?
-I think it’s the best I can aspire to today. I would tell you that, until never, I would have imagined that I could go to study and play at a university. It is a lot, but everything I learn and all the experience, outside of what is sport, life, will serve me a lot, and I am super happy.
What do you long for playing basketball?
-Today I tell you that I want everything, I want to go as far as everything I can and possible. I would love to be able to dedicate myself to this.
And professionally?
-Now I am about to start with Information Technology in the United States.
A few words in gratitude to the people who accompany you.
-Always thank everyone, all the people who know me, and all those who follow me for the support they always have, and that everything is possible.