Controversy over lack of stipulations in WWE Extreme Rules matches

WWE Extreme Rules 2021 will be the next event of the WWE PPV’s schedule. This is the company’s first pay-per-view event after WWE SummerSlam 2021, the biggest event of the summer. What should be the start of the new fall season is going decaf for WWE fans. Here are the reasons.

WWE Extreme Rules without stipulations

WWE themed events are loved by many fans, but hated by others. The thematic shows of the company offer different combats, but this time we are faced with something quite strange. The WWE Extreme Rules 2021 matches do not yet have stipulations, which has caused fans to start complaining on social networks. Some WWE fans have started calling the event “Normal Rules” or “Regular Rules” due to the lack of elements in their fights.

The problem has a solution, since WWE is going to put stipulations in those matches. The only reason they don’t have those stipulations yet is that they haven’t met specifically to discuss the matter yet, so rest assured. WWE Extreme Rules 2021 matches will have stipulations as they have in other years.

Despite all the buzz generated in social networks, the company is calm, because it will begin to announce the stipulations as soon as they begin to be clear in the meetings of the creative team.

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