“Brock Lesnar knew he could smash me in the face and I would smash him back” – Former WWE Champion | Planet Wrestling

One of the most intense rivalries the people’s champion had during his long reign in 2017 was against the current three-time NXT champion. In fact, one of the rivalries most remembered by many for the intensity in the promos before the fight itself in the Great Balls on Fire event.

We all know that everything is governed by the rules of some creatives, but the problem has been able to create disputes between the two. The very aspirant who could not win that championship explained that despite having one of the UFC champions in front of him, he was not going to allow him to be disrespected.

Brock brings an intensity and physique to his matches that not many men can match given Lesnar’s size and superior strengths, but Samoa Joe was up to the challenge. Samoa Joe in an interview with Matty Paddock from Daily Star it spoke of a gentlemen’s agreement with the champion.

“I think it really comes down to the simple fact that when Brock shows up for fight night, he wants to be in a fight.” “He wants to go out and he wants someone to go smash someone in the face, and he wants to smash someone back! Brock knew he had that with me, he understood it, and I understood that he had to have that with Brock. . It is an attitude. He wants people to come in and chase him. They are all those things. I think that was the simplistic but main reason why we click the way we do; We step into the ring and we are intervening there for chaos and destruction to occur, and nothing less than that. I think it’s a strange and unspoken gentlemen’s agreement that we have! ”

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