Big Show talks about the character changes he had in WWE

During a recent interview Paul Wight (The Big Show in WWE) talked about the many changes from Face to Heel that he had in his WWE career, we tell you what the current AEW superstar.

Paul Wight talks about how so many changes from Face to Heel affected his WWE career

Paul Wight known in WWE as The Big Show is one of the greatest superstars in history, from his 1995 debut in WCW under the name The Giant to his WWE debut in 1999, since then The Big Show was forced to have several character changes during its run, numerous turns Face and turns Heel created instability in his character and even became an internet meme, during a recent interview with InsideTheRopes Big Show talked about the constant twists and how he didn’t like them, this is what he said in the interview:

“I think it is very frustrating, these changes made me find it

difficult to develop a consistent identity, you know to sell

merchandising, merchandise is a big part of the industry and you have

to have a solid career as a dominant rude for people to want

buy your things because you are the antihero and they like that, or also

you need a solid career as a technician so that they love your things and everyone

want to buy them, when you are changing people many times fed up

and you’re dividing your fans. “

Despite these comments, Big Show concluded the interview by saying that he is grateful to the company and the opportunities he had, after all Big Show has the right to say that is GrandSlam champion and he’s one of the few triple crown champions, having been world champion in WCW, ECW and WWE, his career is sure to catapult him to the hall of fame one day.

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Big Show talks about the character changes he had in WWE