Becky Lynch is willing to leave WWE for Hollywood

After his triumphant comeback at SummerSlam this year, Becky lynch was involved in rumors that directly related to the world of Marvel, because a photograph of the set of ‘Black Panther 2’ was circulating on social networks where a woman appeared who -according to some people- was Becky, but she was simply one of the participants of the filming that bears a lot similar to the Champion .

Becky Lynch ready to leave WWE for a Hollywood career

At that time, the Irish reacted with a meme on her Twitter account ending the suspicions that took her out of WWE and incorporated her into the world of acting:

Nevertheless, In a recent interview with the site ‘The Independent’ Becky revealed that she is open to enter the world of cinema, because he really enjoys being part of the entertainment industry, be it sports or not:

“Right now I love what I am doing, I love this business, where I am, the challenge that I am facing. I love putting little nuances in what I’m doing; I studied theater, that’s what I graduated from, it’s something that I would love to make a watch that ‘my wheels fall off’. Just acting, being part of the entertainment in general is what I love and – honestly – it’s the only thing I’m really good at. ” ‘Becks’ assured.

The Champion, of course, mentioned The Rock and John Cena, the two most representative wrestlers who have left WWE to dedicate themselves to the Hollywood industry, Becky confessed that both have always been willing to help and guide her when she has needed them:

“They are so generous with their time… If I ever have a question, a problem or a concern, they are always very open and generous and there to help me. When you are at that level and you are so busy, but you still dedicate your time to the next generation, you show that you are such an incredible human being ”. Becky stated.

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Becky Lynch is willing to leave WWE for Hollywood