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Last weekend the Champion of Monday night raw, the irish Becky lynch, shared a microphone exclusively with the Spanish website ViBe & Wrestling to whom confessed the things she would change to make Survivor Series mean something else again and was once again considered “a great” within the programming of Wwe, if it ever ceased to be.

Becky Lynch onstage

Whose idea was it to pass the Raw Championship to Asuka after Money in the Bank?

«Colby (Seth rollins) and I had to announce that I was pregnant and we tried to find the most interesting way And I thought of a tournament for the championship, no sorry, to be the number one contender for the championship and then at the end, when there were only two left, before the fight, announce that it was not to be the number one contender but to win the championship. That would have been nice, but at the time, which was before Money in the Bank and then Paul heyman He said, ‘Let’s let it be for the championship but they don’t know until the next day when you announce it,’ and that’s what we did«.

►What would you change about Survivor Series?

Yes, that would help. I do not know if…. Yes the old brand supremacy is out of date but at the same time we are competitive and you always want to be the best in whatever it is even if the winner gets a simple banana, I want that banana! I want to show that I deserve that banana! You always want to be the best and whatever the logic you can always make it work when you are a competitive machine like we all are; you don’t get to Wwe if you are not competitive«.

►Your first memories of Survivor Series?

“From Survivor Series? God, I don’t know what my first memories of Survivor Series are. It’s one of those things that when we were young we didn’t used to watch because we didn’t have money to see pay-per-view events. Most of my knowledge of Survivor Series comes from my teenage years when I was able to buy DVDs and videos and watch PPVs. I remember that one of the few events that sold was the Royal rumble and I don’t know if it would be the same in Spain but yes, we only had a few channels like Channel 4 or YouTV and we stayed until two in the morning, but Survivor Series was not one of those events that we had for free so …«

► Would you change the ring for Hollywood?

“No, I love acting in any way and that’s what I graduated from, in drama, so I take the opportunity to put publicity, we have ‘Rumble’, an animated movie coming out in January or February in collaboration with Paramount and of which I am a part so I hope you will go when it comes out and yes I am always eager to expand and simply to act wherever it is. For now, it’s going to be inside the ring until I’m out of breath«.

Becky Lynch at SummerSlam 2021 - WWE
Becky Lynch at SummerSlam 2021 – WWE

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Becky Lynch confesses what she would change about Survivor Series | Superfights