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The classic tournament organized by San Isidro will play its 23rd edition this weekend. In 1997 it was Daniel Beltramo who shaped it and put it on the agenda until today.

Before they were Cadets, now U17; The tournament called “El Correcaminos” was created for them, which will be played in our city next Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It will be the 23rd edition and will feature the participation of 12 teams from different parts of the country.

The debut of the championship was in 1997 and the one who took the step to organize it was the current Argentine League coach, Daniel Beltramo: “I was going to a similar tournament in Cañada de Gómez, when I came to San Francisco in 1997 we talked with Antonio Manno that more games had to be played, we believed that they had to reach a limit of 40 in the year and there were no Provincial Leagues; That’s why I said that I was going to do that tournament and it has been done since that time ”,“ Pirincho ”told him. to DAILYPORTS.

Correcaminos 2

“For years I put it on my shoulder, it is a great pleasure that I have that it continues to be carried out today. We named it El Correcaminos after the little basketball school that was called like that, we wanted to give identity to that and I decided to give it that name, following the line that identified the club “.

History of Champions

Throughout the 22 editions, 211 were the teams that competed in the traditional tournament.

campeones 1

1997 – Parque de Córdoba neighborhood
1998 – Parque de Córdoba neighborhood
1999 – The Tala
2000 – Freedom of Sunchales
2001 – Ramos Mejía from Buenos Aires
2002 – El Ceibo
2003 – Sport Club de Cañada de Gómez
2004 – Union of Santa Fe
2005 – Sport Club de Cañada de Gómez
2006 – Club Atlético Riojano
2007 – Goya de Corrientes Club
2008 – Goya de Corrientes Club
2009 – North Band of Río Cuarto
2010 – San Isidro
2011 – North Band of Río Cuarto
2012 – San Isidro
2013 – Trelew Hurricane
2014 – XXI Century of Misiones
2015 – San Isidro
2016 – Casa Padua in Buenos Aires
2017 – Casa Padua in Buenos Aires
2018 – San Isidro

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How was the Roadrunner born? – DiarioSports – San Francisco