Latest Yankees News & Rumors | Bearded Aaron Judge Sparks Rumors, Aaron Hicks, Gary Sanchez & More

Latest Yankees News Rumors Bearded Aaron Judge Sparks

Aaron Judge was captured this week at an event in which he sported a beard, which sparked rumors about a possible rift between the star gardener and the office of the New York Yankees. Remember that Judge declared that he wanted to be part of the Bronx team for the rest of his career, something … Read more

Yankees do not find catchers in the market and are resigned to continue with Gary Sánchez

One of the most controversial issues for several seasons on the New York Yankees without a doubt is the continuity of Gary Sánchez as the starter of the team, since although he has been given confidence, has had rather poor performances in the last three seasons and by 2022, both the GM Brian Cashman as … Read more

4 things that Gary Sánchez needs to improve to gain the trust of the Yankees

As time goes on, there seems to be more certainty that Gary Sánchez’s days with the New York Yankees are numbered and that the receiver will wear another uniform in the next season of the MLB. However, the Dominican can change destiny and manage to stay with the organization that signed him to play in … Read more

MLB: Yankees looking to fill in for Gary Sánchez Could Salvador Pérez be the answer?

The New York Yankees look like this offseason’s great team from MLB who is willing to throw the house out the window to reinforcera his lineup heading to 2022 and finally win that elusive World Seriesl, with at least four positions that GM Brian Cashman has hinted that they will seek to add playersThese being … Read more

Sánchez y Contreras, premiados en Arizona

Sánchez, Contreras son premiados en Arizona n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:””,”type”:”rich”,”width”:550,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”},”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug(“locale”:”es-us”,”slug”:”sanchez-contreras-son-premiados-en-arizona”,”type”:”story”).parts.2″:”data”:”type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug(“locale”:”es-us”,”slug”:”sanchez-contreras-son-premiados-en-arizona”,”type”:”story”)”,”typename”:”ExternalEmbedContent”,”type”:”oembed”,”__typename”:”ExternalEmbed”,”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug(“locale”:”es-us”,”slug”:”sanchez-contreras-son-premiados-en-arizona”,”type”:”story”).parts.3″:”content”:” nnContreras representa un caso inusual entre los participantes en la Liga Otoñal, al ser uno de los pocos en jugadores que ya debutaron en las Mayores. El monticular de 22 años permitió tres hits en tres tramos en blanco en el PNC Park el 29 de septiembre ante los Cachorros.”,”type”:”markdown”,”__typename”:”Markdown”,”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug(“locale”:”es-us”,”slug”:”sanchez-contreras-son-premiados-en-arizona”,”type”:”story”)”:”__typename”:”UnsupportedTagType”,”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug(“locale”:”es-us”,”slug”:”sanchez-contreras-son-premiados-en-arizona”,”type”:”story”).tags.0″:”data”:”type”:”id”,”generated”:true,”id”:”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug(“locale”:”es-us”,”slug”:”sanchez-contreras-son-premiados-en-arizona”,”type”:”story”)”,”typename”:”UnsupportedTagType”,”externalSourceName”:null,”slug”:”storytype-article”,”title”:”Article”,”type”:”article”,”__typename”:”Tag”,”Team:145″:”id”:”145″,”__typename”:”Team”,”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug(“locale”:”es-us”,”slug”:”sanchez-contreras-son-premiados-en-arizona”,”type”:”story”).tags.1″:”data”:”type”:”id”,”generated”:false,”id”:”Team:145″,”typename”:”Team”,”externalSourceName”:”team”,”slug”:”teamid-145″,”title”:”Chicago White Sox”,”type”:”team”,”__typename”:”Tag”,”Team:134″:”id”:”134″,”__typename”:”Team”,”$ROOT_QUERY.getForgeContentBySlug(“locale”:”es-us”,”slug”:”sanchez-contreras-son-premiados-en-arizona”,”type”:”story”).tags.2″:”data”:”type”:”id”,”generated”:false,”id”:”Team:134″,”typename”:”Team”,”externalSourceName”:”team”,”slug”:”teamid-134″,”title”:”Pittsburgh Pirates”,”type”:”team”,”__typename”:”Tag”},”appConfig”:”graphqlServiceUrl”:””,”appState”:{“adDomain”:””,”appId”:””,”basePath”:”news”,”club”:”mlb”,”contentfulProperties”:”organismHeadlineFont”:null,”urlLogo”:null,”favicon”:null,”headerMastheadTagline”:null,”headerPrimaryLogo”:null,”headerMastheadTaglineContainerWidth”:”512px”,”headerMastheadTaglineContainerHeight”:”56px”,”organismLogoVersion”:”caplogo”,”organismLogoStyle”:”light”,”headerMastheadLogoVersion”:”cap”,”headerMastheadLogoStyle”:”dark”,”footerLogoVersion”:”primary”,”footerLogoStyle”:”dark”,”headlineTextTransform”:”none”,”headlineFontFamily”:null,”headlineFontFamilySizeMultiplier”:1,”articleVideoAutoPlay”:true,”articleVideoAutoPlaySound”:false,”__typename”:”CF_WebProperties”,”contentfulPalette”:”headerNavigationBackgroundColor”:”#041E42″,”headerNavigationTextColor”:”#ffffff”,”headerNavigationTextColorHover”:”#ffffff”,”headerNavigationBorderColor”:”#057AFF”,”headerMastheadBackgroundColor”:”#002D72″,”buttonSpotlightBackgroundColor”:”#333333″,”buttonSpotlightBackgroundColorHover”:”lighten”,”buttonSpotlightTextColor”:”#ffffff”,”buttonSpotlightTextColorHover”:”#ffffff”,”footerBackgroundColor”:”#333″,”footerBorderColor”:”#f3f3f3″,”footerLinkColorActive”:”#fff”,”footerLinkColor”:”#ffffff”,”footerLinkColorHover”:”#147CD1″,”footerTextColor”:”#d2d2d2″,”__typename”:”CF_Palette”,”contextUrlPrefix”:”/es”,”env”:”production”,”footerState”:{“clubId”:”mlb”,”deviceProperties”:,”footerData”:”instanceId”:”1ba3b552-f9cc-4e4c-ad66-0e3857826be0″,”name”:”global-footer-es”,”variables”:[],”menuItems”:[“itemId”:”aec375d3-3afa-4491-ab28-60b736f38982″,”text”:”Términos … Read more

Latest Yankees News & Rumors | Shortstop is a priority, Gary Sánchez stays, Matt Olson and more

It is quite possible that New York Yankees don’t sign an elite shortstop in the next LA free agency MLB, considering giving ownership of the position to a player in its minor league system in 2023, according to an analysis by journalist Brendan Kuty of The move thought by the management would be to … Read more

Latest Yankees News & Rumors | They propose a new solution to the problem of shortstop, Gary Sánchez and more

Brian Cashman confirmed that New York Yankees They’ll go for shortstop at the LA winter market MLB, but it may not be one of the candidates you have in mind. This winter, several defenders of this position will be available in free agency, all elite players in the Big leagues, like Carlos Correa, Corey Seager, … Read more

The two soccer figures Hugo Sánchez discriminated against when he was a player

Hugo Sánchez was a total figure of Real Madrid. (Photo: Twitter / @ AmeyaJirage) Hugo Sanchez was one of the most prominent figures that had Mexico on the football plane. Even last week, in The Chiringuito de Jugones, Rafael Marquez recognized him as the best player born on Aztec soil in all history. His memorable … Read more

Yankees: Controversy over nomination of Joey Gallo and Gary Sánchez to the Silver Bat

The New York Yankees are nicknamed “The Bronx Bombers.”, as truly powerful hitters known for hitting bunches of homers have historically paraded through their ranks, with nominations this 2021 of several Yankees players to the prestigious award such as Aaron Judge, DJ LeMahieu, Giancarlo Stanton, Joey Gallo and Gary Sánchez, with these last two giving … Read more