Harsh punishment: Arturo Vidal received three suspension dates after flying kick

1641617710 Harsh punishment Arturo Vidal received three suspension dates after flying

Lima, January 7, 2022Updated on 01/07/2022 11:00 pm Arturo vidal paid dearly for his expulsion against Ecuador on the last day of Playoffs. This Friday it was confirmed that he received three suspension dates, with what is left out of the games of the Chile national team against Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. This was decided … Read more

In Chile they demand that Arturo Vidal be banned from the National Team for this reason

In Chile they demand that Arturo Vidal be banned from

Just under a month after facing Argentina and Bolivia for two new qualifying matches to Qatar 2022, Chilean fans exploded against Arturo Vidal. December 21, 2021 19:57 hs The World Cup next year is getting closer and closer and the margin to qualify is shrinking over the months, knowing that in March 2022 all confederations … Read more

After date 14: CONMEBOL qualifying table for the 2022 World Cup

Here all the details of the Positions table of the Qualifiers to Qatar 2022. The fourteenth day was played and the truth is that beyond its draw against Brazil, Argentina already has a place in the World Cup. Now, the Peruvian National Team was also in a good position after the triumph in Caracas: for … Read more

➤LIVE | Updated leaderboard: results for date 13 in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers

Check the Positions table of the Qualifiers to Qatar 2022. The thirteenth day will be played in two days, with Thursday being the date with the most matches, with the duel of the Peruvian Selection against ‘Green’, for the three points that could define their future in the next World Cup. A shock not suitable … Read more

Impossible for Navas: great goal by Jairo Henríquez for the 1-0 Costa Rica vs. The Savior [VIDEO]


To see it again and again. Jairo Henríquez, Salvadoran midfielder for CD Águila, was in charge of opening the scoring for his team against Costa Rica in the framework of the fifth date of the Qualifiers to Qatar 2022. The player of ‘The Selecta‘He showed off with great definition from outside the area to put … Read more

Paolo Guerrero was called off: he will not be against Bolivia or Argentina


Lima, October 9, 2021Updated on 10/09/2021 12:30 am The peruvian team adds a new drop in its squad for the two remaining games of the triple date of October in the Qualifying Qatar 2022. The scorer Paolo Guerrero, who had revealed at a press conference that his knee was still bad, was called off from … Read more

We climbed to seventh place: the 1×1 Peru vs. Venezuela through Qatar 2022 Qualifiers

Some stood out in the National Stadium; others can still give for what we have seen in other presentations in the Qualifiers to Qatar 2022. The Peruvian team defeated (1-0) Venezuela and now think of Brazil. However, after the match, it is time to analyze the performance of each of the players who entered the … Read more

Updated Knockout standings: that’s how it remained after date 6

A new day of the South American qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022 and the Positions table underwent some changes. This Sunday the sixth date was played, which was pending. These games should have been played in the month of March; However, the coronavirus pandemic did not allow it. The Peruvian Selection He faced Venezuela in … Read more