MLB: The ‘ace up the sleeve’ that Alex Cora has for the Red Sox to win the signing of Bogaerts

MLB Miguel Cabrera begins a new stage in the final

According to the director and president of the Red SoxSam Kennedy, to Xander Bogarts They would have already made “at least two offers” since the 2022 regular season ended. It should be remembered that the stellar shortstop opted out of the last year of his contract with three more to go. The latest reports indicate … Read more

MLB: Adjustments? With three lost starters, Bobby Dalbec debuts in a new position and Alex Cora explains why

MLB Adjustments With three lost starters Bobby Dalbec debuts in

Christian Arroyo was in too much sore to start Wednesday’s game. In last Tuesday’s loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, the versatile Arroyo slid to first base on a failed quest for an infield hit. By Wednesday, he had sore back and knee and was too sore to play. With Xander Bogaerts and Tommy Pham … Read more

Red Sox exercise option for Alex Cora for 2023 and 2024

Red Sox exercise option for Alex Cora for 2023 and

The Boston Red Sox have exercised Alex Cora’s club option through the 2023 and 2024 seasons, the team announced Monday. Cora, 46, is 284-202 in three seasons as manager of the Red Sox, having led the club to a winning record in all three seasons at the helm, including setting a franchise record with 108 … Read more

Alex Cora and his pride for the Criollos of Caguas

The pride that Puerto Rican leader Alex Cora feels for his people and his Criollos de Caguas is no secret. The point here is that the Boston Red Sox coach always reaffirms his feelings in an unexpected way. On October 6, prior to the first game of the divisional series against the Tampa Bay Rays, … Read more

MLB Playoffs: Why was the Red Sox right to give Alex Cora another chance?

When Boston Red Sox announced that he had mutually separated from the Puerto Rican manager Alex Cora in January 2020, after an MLB investigation concluded that it helped develop the signal theft system that contributed to the title of the Houston Astros World Series 2017, the press release reeked of reluctance. The Red Sox had … Read more

Alex Cora and the theft of signals that marked the Red Sox and Astros

In April 2020, while most of us confine ourselves as a first act of defense to combat the pandemic, and baseball was reduced to the monotony of watching replayed games on television, Major League Baseball’s central office concluded in its investigation that Boston Red Sox who competed in the 2018 campaign benefited from help from … Read more