Alex Cora “is a case study”

The work of Alex Cora with the Boston Red Sox he has drawn attention to other levels of those who know how copper is beaten on the field, in the dressing room, in the media.

One of those who has wanted to recognize Cora’s work is the first Puerto Rican leader in the Major Leagues and leader of Team Rubio, Edwin Rodriguez.

Rodríguez used his Twitter account to say that Cora is an example of how to lead a team. Your account is named after One Pitch at a Time.

“The development of a Positive Culture is the most important task of the leader. Eye! Alex Cora is a case study (‘new’ administration). Three elements @ acalex13 combines with excellence: Communication, Vulnerability and a common goal. Congratulations Alex! We continue to learn, ”Rodríguez wrote in his account.

Cora and the Red Sox advanced to the American League Championship Series on Monday. The team again under the direction of the cagüeño gave a favorable change compared to 2020, when Cora spent a year in suspension for his participation in the sign-stealing scandal with the Houston Astros in 2017.

Alex Cora has been not only a unifier of talent, but also a pilot who has known how to push the right buttons and make the right decisions on the pitch. (Charles Krupa)

The postseason stream has revealed a determined, united, motivated Boston team. For her part, Cora has appeared in control of gaming situations while repeatedly taking responsibility for her past mistakes.

The Red Sox have responded to Cora’s tenure with a victory in the game of wild card against the New York Yankees and defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 in the Divisional Series, which was the strongest team in the American League this season.

Coupled with Cora’s first postseason in 2018 with the current, the Puerto Rican manager is 15-4 in the playoffs and a championship in that 2018 campaign.