The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 5

After five matches played by team, we go back to review the hierarchical order of the 32 clubs of the National Football League

Concluded the Week 5 of action in the 2021 regular campaign, this is how the list of the hierarchy order of the NFL, according to

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Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.


At the moment, we can’t argue against the only perfect brand in the NFL, but there are teams with losses on their schedule that come dangerously close to shooting at the NFL. Cards from the pedestal of the Power Rankings. – RZ


The Bills not only did they get revenge for their loss in the AFC Championship Game to the Chiefs, They had a round performance in all phases of the game, slowing down Patrick Mahomes, destroying the defense and stealing balls in the special teams, from this moment it is fair to say that Buffalo is the team to beat in the American Conference. – EC


There are too many points to highlight, and also to improve in the team, but down by 14 points and making a fourth chance twice speaks volumes about the hunger for success they have and the clear focus of where they want to go. – LMV


The explosive offensive of the Rams has stopped clicking and suddenly I have some trouble moving the chains. Fortunately for them, they have a monster on the inside of their defensive line named Aaron Donald who manages to balance the scales in their favor at critical moments. – RZ


Tom Brady broke through with five touchdown passes and more than 400 passing yards, something he had never accomplished as a professional, the end of the road not near for the 44-year-old quarterback. – EC


They feasted before the Giants with more than 500 yards on offense. Couldn’t we push your calendar forward to January when you measure at Cardinals at home? What a dish to rub our hands together but there are still attractive duels against Vikings, Broncos and Chiefs. – LMV


Week by week, Lamar Jackson is ending all the objections of those who still do not consider him a quarterback. Not only is he a quarterback, but he’s also one of the best the league has right now. Better, relax and enjoy the show. – RZ


It is not easy to win in the NFL and less when you play away, but the Packers abused their good fortune on Sunday against the BengalsThey can’t always rely on Mason Crosby’s leg to win or they will eventually run out of luck. – EC


They combined for 41 of 89 points in the fourth quarter against the Chargers after watching the Oklahoma-Texas game a day earlier (much to Baker Mayfield’s approval), but the fourth-down conversions and catches by Mike Williams exposed some of his shortcomings. – LMV


Tennessee We still owe what is supposed to be one of the most explosive wide receiver pairs in the NFL with AJ Brown and Julio Jones, due to injuries, but the running game in the hands of Derrick Henry has been so reliable. as always. – RZ


It might not be a bad idea to keep Justin Fields as the starter after all. Chicago He rediscovered the running game with the rookie quarterback under center and that’s the best ally they can give to his solid defense right now. – EC


Jameis Winston continues to make decisions that leave his team in predicament in multiple facets of the game, so they continue to rely heavily on what his defense does to keep opponents at bay that, on paper, they should dominate with ease. – LMV


The alarms were going off in Cincinnati when, during preseason and some training camp practices, Ja’Marr Chase went through a streak of dropped passes. We agree that those issues were left behind for the rookie of the Bengals, truth? – RZ


Sam Darnold’s two interceptions last week seemed like an accident, all three this week have one scratching his head, coincidentally the Panthers they’ve lost those two games and their offense has stalled. You don’t have to discover warm water to figure out what to do Carolina to return to the path of victory. – EC


Vic Fangio has a lot of work ahead of him, especially with the offense on the third chance, but I think it is starting to show that his 3-0 mark seemed made up by the rivals they had to face and now they have the opportunity to wake up against the Raiders, who will be premiering coach. – LMV


Chris Jones’ foul before Buffalo, coupled with the general inability to Kansas city of generating pressure on opposing passers, it had a devastating effect on a secondary defense that was far from its best form against the Bills. Time to sound the alarms? No, but this team lost their unbeatable aura and is beginning to doubt themselves. – RZ


It is true that the victory was against the Texans and suffered more than expected, but the Patriots must have enough reason to be calm with Mac Jones, the rookie quarterback does not fall to errors, has control of the offense and showed again that with the ball in his hands he will put the team in win position. – EC


Pittsburgh finally broke the chain of losses thanks to timely ball steals, a balanced offense that once again had a 100-yard runner, but all this would be changed by having JuJu Smith-Schuster after the injury that will have him without activity for the rest of the season. – LMV


There are teams that, faced with a situation as unfortunate as we live in Las VegasThey manage to coalesce around a common ideal of turning the page. It is now the task of Rich Bisaccia to achieve the same in front of the Raiders in his role as interim head coach following Jon Gruden’s resignation. – RZ


Philadelphia ruined the pools of many with his surprise victory in Carolinabut he played a near-perfect match on defense constantly pressuring Sam Darnold to force him to make mistakes, however at some point they need Jalen Hurts to fire up the attack with his arm or they won’t go from giving up surprises every now and then instead of win constantly. – EC


Minnesota suffered more than they would have thought and more than they would have liked, but they take this triumph regardless of the forms when they see how their competition, the Bears, they seem to have found the formula and Packers they continue to reap victories despite their casualties. – LMV


The insistence of Niners That the starting job still belongs to Jimmy Garoppolo, whatever happens to Trey Lance, it seems like an artificial ceiling on what this team can achieve playing with the rookie quarterback. Will there be setbacks? Yes, but the potential is huge with Lance. – RZ


The worst scenario that the Seahawks It became a reality when it was confirmed that Russell Wilson will be out for at least four weeks for hand surgery. Wilson was the only reason why Seattle He was still racing this year and now it looks like the team will be adrift on Geno Smith’s boat. – EC


They had to travel several miles to finally win the campaign at ‘home’, but now, after their trip to London, they have a week off, an affordable visit to the Dolphins and then the dream of winning before his people in Atlanta. – LMV


The best for Washington on the day was the debut of Sammis Reyes as the first Chilean to participate in an official game in the history of the NFL, a feat that is no less. In the meantime, we are still waiting for the best defensive line in the league to show up to play for one of the games. – RZ


Luck was not on the side of Indianapolis in his visit to the Ravens, kicker Rodrigo Blankenship was injured towards the end and failed to seal a deserved victory for the Colts, but there is still the good taste in the mouth that the defense left by stopping Lamar Jackson and company for much of the game, unfortunately the moral victories are not reflected in the NFL record. – EC


Tom Brady used to suffer with them in Florida, but now he had a field day against a defense that allowed five touchdown passes and 237 yards and four touchdowns combined to Antonio Brown and Mike Evans. – LMV


Rookie quarterback Davis Mills had brilliant moments this past weekend, but the Los Angeles squad Texans it is so lacking in talent that the reconstruction project is going on for a long time. Perhaps it is time to sit down and negotiate the transfer of Deshaun Watson to speed up the process. – RZ


The Giants they ran out of their three main offensive weapons with the casualties of Saquon Barkley, Daniel Jones and Kenny Golladay this week in Dallas. It was already difficult to compete for New York with them three in the field, now it will be almost impossible if they do not manage to recover them in the short term. – EC


The defense is still not generating interceptions and now they have exhibited their problem to cover a rookie tight end, Kyle Pitts, who had an outstanding performance in London. What is “redeemable” is that, despite being 17 points down, they managed to squeeze a game in which it seemed they were going to be beaten. – LMV

Urban Meyer’s claim to aim for 250 rushing yards and 250 passing yards as the ideal every game is at the same time ridiculous, and a symptom of why Jaguars They are closing in on setting a new NFL record with back-to-back losses. – RZ


It is inexplicable what happens in Detroit, the Lions They did everything to win, they toured the field, they scored a touchdown, they were aggressive to take the advantage getting a 2-point conversion with 37 seconds left to play and still ended up losing with the Vikings. – EC


They participate in the elaboration of the NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafael Zamorano (RZ).