Martin Braithwaite answered strongly on Instagram: Indirect to Messi?

Martin Braithwaite answered strongly on Instagram Indirect to Messi

Getty Danish Martin Braithwaite The first date of La Liga had as one of the protagonists the Danish Martin Braithwaite of FC Barcelona. The player had been one of the most criticized last season for his lack of performance and his inability to assume the position that Luis Suárez had left after his arrival at … Read more

Braithwaite leads the way

1626722385 Braithwaite leads the way

ANDl Barcelona It is totally immersed in the exit operation and with many open fronts. In less than a month the season starts and the entity which needs to immediately lighten the salary mass. One of the proper names on the table is Martin Braithwaite. The good role of the attacker in the Eurocup It … Read more

This is another Braithwaite

This is another Braithwaite

Martin Braithwaite he has regained his smile. The dans has never gotten strong in Can Bara. In a team full of megastars, his profile is different from most. Came as a emergency remedy and has ended up staying. Not because the club has not tried to find a way out for him, but because the … Read more