In Costa Rica they put “Chepe Bomba” back in his place and the Panamanian presenter answered them

In Costa Rica they put Chepe Bomba back in his

2022-03-28 The selection of Costa Rica has already secured its place in the playoffs heading to Qatar World Cup 2022 after their victory against El Salvador and after the defeat of Panama in United States. The direct ticket seems more than complicated in the absence of a day. The Canal team has had to say … Read more

Jorge Fuentes ANSWERED about directing the Federation or the Cuba Team

By Full Swing There is no doubt that Jorge Fuentes from Pinar del Río continues to be one of the most beloved and respected figures by the Cuban fans. The passage of time and his residence in South Florida have not reduced him an iota of consideration among the majority of fans, journalists, referees, coaches … Read more

ANSWERED Cuban player who RETURNED: “It’s a lie, I never tried to stay”

Cubanos en Grandes Ligas 8

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas Just a few hours ago, on our page of Full swing, we published a note about the information that the renowned sports journalists Francys romero and Yordano Carmona (Pelota Cubana) announced on their respective social networks about the case of the Avilanian player Yuddiel González, who would have tried to … Read more

Martin Braithwaite answered strongly on Instagram: Indirect to Messi?

Martin Braithwaite answered strongly on Instagram Indirect to Messi

Getty Danish Martin Braithwaite The first date of La Liga had as one of the protagonists the Danish Martin Braithwaite of FC Barcelona. The player had been one of the most criticized last season for his lack of performance and his inability to assume the position that Luis Suárez had left after his arrival at … Read more

You already answered! Joey Gallo thunders his stick and hits first home run with Yankees

You already answered Joey Gallo thunders his stick and hits

He already sang! Joey Gallo finally woke up to the stake and hit his first home run as a New York Yankees player. The outfielder blew the fence for the first time with his new team in the match against the Seattle Mariners on Thursday, August 5, corresponding to the regular schedule of the 2021 … Read more