Koeman makes it clear to Umtiti and Braithwaite

Koeman makes it clear to Umtiti and Braithwaite

Ronald Koeman he does not hang out with little girls. Once backed by the new Board of Directors, the Dutchman knows that he has their support to make the decisions that he deems appropriate in the planning of the new team. That involves unpleasant moments, like last year telling Luis Surez that he was not counted on, or leaving people without playing to push them to find a new team.

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the last one is the case of footballers like

Samuel Umtiti


Martin Braithwaite

, to which the Barça club is desperately looking for a way out. His departure from the team will not solve the financial situation of the club, but it will help to improve it.

Stuttgart 0-3 Bara



– FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona_es)

July 31, 2021

Both players have received proposals to change of scene, but for now they are being lazy. They have the feeling that they are the ones with the upper hand and it is possible that this is the case, at least in the offices. Another thing is about the lawn. Ah boss


and in the match against him


I sent them a very clear message in the form of a bench. Neither of the two players played a single minute in a friendly match, in which the custom is for all the displaced players to play in order to get into shape. The message is clear: that is what awaits them if they do not decide to accept some of the offers that they have on the table.

Avoid injury

Samuel Umtiti was confident that these games would help him to try to convince Ronald Koeman that he could be a profitable player for this Bara, but it does not seem that the Barça coach is willing to take risks. He knows of the tendency of the French to injure himself and does not want to ruin any option to find a way out because of an ailment. Braithwaite, on the other hand, saw how he did not fight for a minute without the entire artillery having yet arrived.

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