Barcelona approved and suspended: Braithwaite stays

Barcelona approved and suspended Braithwaite stays

Net: Three shots between the three suits, two goals. This is the balance of the Brazilian goalkeeper, who made a discreet game, with a single worthwhile intervention to a dry shot by Merino in the 65th minute. Lobete and Oyarzabal were in charge of exposing him. With his feet he does not have the same security as Ter Stegen, but he is not a disaster either.

Dest: Good game from the right-back, who was applauded for his claw and momentum in more than one action. Perhaps he lacks a little more confidence and security when it comes to going to war alone on the right wing, but it is clear that this season he can take a step forward in his efforts to resemble Alves.

Eric: The Catalan center-back seems to have played his whole life for this team. He got on perfectly with Piqué, always raising the ball neatly and without ever complicating life. He was very careful to prevent a point-blank shot from Oyarzabal, but made some unforced error, such as a failed clearance when the ball was inside the area.

Pique: The most applauded by far, both before, during and after the game. His gesture of lowering the ground to facilitate the club’s registration of signings was recognized by the fans. Absolute leader in defense, he also scored the first goal of the season, with a great header after a measured cross from a Memphis free-kick. One of the great winners of the night.

Sunrise: He started swallowing bile when he had to endure some whistles from the stands, but they were quickly mitigated, especially after the great performance of the side, who knew how to monopolize his band for much of the game. He was very close to scoring in a one-on-one with the goal, but the ball went out of his way, even though the VAR had annulled it due to an illegal position. A center of his forged the third Blaugrana goal.

Sergio Busquets: He did not have many problems to handle himself as he pleased in the midfield in the face of little pressure from the rival. He saw a deserved yellow in an action where he prevented a dangerous transition play. He was replaced by Nico in the 80th minute.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

From Jong: A match without blemish from the Dutch international. Always offering to find the best ball exit and helping his teammates’ coverage. He assisted Braithwaite with a great thread pass on Barça’s second goal. An essential player for Barcelona.

Pedri: It is ubiquitous. It is always where it is needed and when it is needed. He played a very complete game, with a lot of sacrifice and always looking for fluidity in the upper phase. He was very close to scoring on a ball that touched the square. He got several ovations from the respectable.

Griezmann: The French can be branded for many things, but not for sacrifice and work in the fields. And the public to this type of players thanks them with applause and ovations. He put on the overalls in defense and worked like the most, he was close to scoring, even with a header to the crossbar, and from his boots Barcelona’s fourth goal began.

Memphis: To this day, he is the player who contributes the most dose of magic in the attack. He pulled off a spectacular hat in midfield that was forcefully stopped by the rival. It did not score, but its dynamism and imbalance provide many spaces. A free-kick from his center gave Barcelona the first goal. The lion has already started to roar.

Braithwaite: Impressive the game that was pulled out of the sleeve. It can be said that the best since he wears the Blaugrana shirt. He dropped down the left wing, but was in constant motion. He scored two goals, one headed, after a great assist from De Jong, and another taking advantage of a poor clearance by the goalkeeper, and even had time and strength to assist Sergi Roberto to score the fourth goal.


Emerson: He was seen a bit giddy in his game on the right wing. It has to settle down a bit.

Sergi Roberto: He had to put up with whistles on his way out to the field. He ended up scoring, kissing the shield and reconciling with the fans.

Araujo: Solvent in the aerial game, but precipitated in some action.

Nico: He made a foul that ended up being the second goal for Real Sociedad and putting the team in a bit of trouble.

Lenglet: It was whistled, but more by the French, for the meaning of the change, since Koeman wanted a forward, Memphis, to put a defender, Clement.