“We cry and become bitter”: Messi recounted the painful moment in which he found out about his departure from Barcelona and detailed how he told his family

Messi told how he communicated to his wife and children that they had to leave Barcelona (@antonelaroccuzzo)
Messi told how he communicated to his wife and children that they had to leave Barcelona (@antonelaroccuzzo)

The passage of Lionel messi for Barcelona it is history. At least for the next two years, the Rosario left the club that became his home more than two decades ago to face a new sporting and family challenge. After an exciting farewell in the bowels of the Camp Nou, the Argentine undertook a trip to Paris to play in the PSG.

His arrival in the capital of France generated a revolution among fans, but before seeing the end of the film, Messi had to go through the hard process of knowing that he was not going to continue at the Catalan club. And also to tell the news to his wife and three children. “My father comes to my house to let me know, because he had left in the morning to talk to Laporta and when he comes back he tells me. And obviously the downturn and prepare to see how he communicated it to Antonela and then tell the children “he explained in an interview.

“Good, I told her, we cried, we got bitter, and then we got up to see how we said it to the children, how we commented on it in the best way, because we had already told her in December that we were going to stay, that we were going to continue. And we knew the blow it was going to be, especially for Thiago. And well, then everything else came, “Leo added in the note made by journalist Guillermo Balagué, his biographer, for the chain BBC.

The importance of the state of his family for Messi is known. And also the value that the support of his wife has for him in all this time of uncertainty that began at the beginning of last season with the shipment of the famous burofax. “Antonela accompanies me wherever, she banked me and supported me, we are prepared for whatever arises. It is a moment of happiness for my family and for me, after difficult days, because of how hard I lived in Barcelona. It was something ugly, strange, I could not overcome the above yet, but I do move forward, I look forward, in a new stage that I assume with great enthusiasm “, he confessed The flea in dialogue with ESPN in Paris.

Leo Messi's family in the Parc des Princes
Leo Messi’s family in the Parc des Princes

Tears in public at the farewell press conference They joined the previous ones in the intimate circle that lived the rosary with their family. That generated different feelings that until a few days ago he had not experienced because he had never thought of leaving Barcelona. How did you get through the hours after your goodbye to Catalonia and until your pass to Paris Saint Germain became official?

It was hard for us to sleep, it was hard for us to rest. Anxious about the uncertainty of what was going to happen after what happened with the club’s statement, that we did not know what we were going to do, we had nothing defined. And well, that nervousness, uncertainty of when it was going to start again, where it was going to go, of the change in the family, The truth was that it was complicated until I was able to say goodbye to the people, that I was able to speak, that I was able to direct the agreement with Paris, and begin to prepare for change at the individual level, as a family, what that was going to mean. It’s going to be a very nice experience for the five of us, ”said Leo.

In that sense, Messi also clarified that this will be a new experience for his eldest son, the one who could most feel the blow for leaving his life in Barcelona. “Many times we think too much of boys. They assimilate and accept it in a way that we do not think. Although Thiago has it inside, he shows that he is happy, that he is happy, that he is ready for change. Knowing him, I know that he is like me, that he is suffering a lot inside, without expressing it, but hey, it is nothing serious either, it will surely adapt as everyone adapts. It will be a new experience for him, it will help him to grow on a personal level, to continue training and surely the five of us are going to be spectacular and I am delighted to be at this club ”.

Messi, during his farewell to Barcelona (Photo: EFE)
Messi, during his farewell to Barcelona (Photo: EFE)

The Argentine attacker confessed that Neymar was one of the first to know that the Parisian club had started negotiations to add it once his departure from Catalonia became official. “When my dad started talking to Leonardo, he already knew. I began to tell him, like Di María and Paredes, that there was the possibility that he would come here, and well, they immediately opened the doors for me and wanted it to be done and we were continuously in contact to see if he would come or I was not coming ”, related Messi.

Before leaving, Leo left a little-known detail that will surely help him communicate with some of his new teammates in the PSG dressing room. “I’ve been learning English for a year and a half, uh, learning. The truth is that I understand a lot, but speaking… I could, I think… in the Indian way… “.