There will be a clean of players in America; Solari would continue

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The disposal at the hands of Cougars in the quarterfinals 3-1 too much in Coapa. Thus, in America the cleaning that will take place for 2022 is already planned, a year that will become more demanding by the Azulcrema leadership.

The board of directors and the coaching staff They will have zero tolerance for those complacent footballers, with low level or constant injuries, because that was one of the frequent illnesses that they diagnosed in the last months.

During that period, América also stayed in the Quarterfinals of the previous tournament, the Guard1anes 2021, in which the Eagles were eliminated by the Pachuca. What’s more they ran out of Club World Cup because they lost the Final of the Concacaf Champions League versus Striped last october.

So far the departure of Santiago Solari technical management or Santiago Banos of the presidency. Thus, they will take three weeks to analyze the situation of each player, because precisely the clean will start with the template.

One of the players aiming to get out is Sebastian Cordova, who is not in the plans Solari and that he is one of those who has earned the label of displiscente, despite having received the number 10 shirt. Another player whose attitude did not please is Roger Martinez, According to sources close to the Azulcrema directive revealed to Mediotiempo.

As for the elements that were frequently injured, in this 2021 there were some like the Peruvian Pedro Aquino, the paraguayan Bruno Valdez, as well as the Argentine Emanuel Aguilera and the Ecuadorian Renato Ibarra. Furthermore, those who are seen as those who were below their level are Jorge Sanchez and Sebastian Cáceres, for instance.

The search for reinforcements

On Coapa have a clear profile of the playerr they want to reinforce the squad. One of the main features is to be leaders in the field.

An analysis led managers and coaching staff to conclude that the team lacks authority figures that they put order in the dressing room, and it is thus that in the absence of specific positions, for the moment what they contemplate is having players with greater personality, because in this squad they only have Guillermo Ochoa With those characteristics.


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There will be a clean of players in America; Solari would continue