The treacherous simulation of one of the Italian figures that caused outrage at the European Championship

Immobile simulation before the Italian goal

The Eurocup fever continues to surface after the qualifications of Spain, Italy, Denmark and England to the semifinals that will take place at Wembley Stadium next week (the final will be on Sunday, July 11 on the same stage ). The comments and analysis after each match go viral and one of them had the Italian scorer Ciro Immobile as the protagonist.

In this case, the 31-year-old forward was not noted for his performance or goals, since the Azurra He advanced for the goals of Nicolo Barella and Lorenzo Insigne against Belgium (discounted through Romelu Lukaku as a penalty), but for a simulation that made him look ridiculous on social networks. It was just before the first goal of the match played in the Allianz Arena from Germany.

The Lazio striker wallowed inside the area claiming a violation at the same time that Barella took the ball and inflated the Belgian team’s net. Incredibly, Thomas Vermaelen went from berating him that he was pretending to be the last obstacle for Barella, who got rid of his mark and liquidated goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. As soon as Immobile heard the shouting of the limited public who witnessed the match, it slowly and stealthily composed itself to go in search of its teammates and celebrate the 1-0.

Former English scorer Alan Shearer smashed Immobile for his simulation: "It's pathetic" (REUTERS / Andreas Gebert)
Former English striker Alan Shearer smashed Immobile for his simulation: “It’s pathetic” (REUTERS / Andreas Gebert)

Ciro’s attitude was not passed unnoticed by fans of Belgium and other selected from the Old Continent. Even analysts and even former footballers who are part of the journalistic debate as the remembered English scorer Alan Shearer declared in the BBC: “It’s pathetic and it’s not a bit funny. You can see how he keeps an eye on the referee before he falls to the ground. It’s pathetically embarrassing, that’s what it is. “

So far in the tournament, Immobile has played all the matches in Italy as a starter with the exception of the third in the group stage against Wales (1-0 victory), in which Roberto Mancini ordered a rotation because he was already classified in the round of 16 . In addition, the Lazio man scored a goal for Turkey and another for Switzerland, but neither in the second round nor in the quarter-finals did he manage to move the net.