Pablo Alvarado, player who owes $ 50 to Messi 17 years ago!

Nowadays Lionel Messi is one of the highest paid players in Spain, Well, after spending his entire career in the BarcelonaWhat he suffers the least from is lack of money. This fact does not mean that there is some outstanding debt with him, above all of the weather in what still it was not a star.

The book ‘Messi, the incomplete genius’, written by Ariel Senosiain, has revealed a curious story and there is a footballer, Pablo Alvarado, what He owed Lionel $ 50 for 17 years and that he hasn’t paid for them yet, something he’s promised to do when he sees it.

At what point did this debt start?

According to what is related in the book, it all started in 2004, when Lionel messi newly his career began and in the same way his journey in the Selection of Argentina.

In that year, they wanted to avoid Messi will play with the Selection of Spain, fact that led him to be called up by Argentina U-20 and face a couple of friendly matches. The point is that the June 29, 2004 they faced Paraguay, where did they end up winning for 8-0.

TO youth players were paid $ 50 for each game played, so Messi he had earned it since the saw action in said duel. The man who gave the money had a problem, well ‘ran out of change’, so he asked ‘Lio’ and Pablo Alvarado what distributed it.

Paul he asked Messi if he I had change Well, supposedly they had tried to get it but had no luck. The Today FC Barcelona star told him no but that there was no problem, that give them later, making a mistake since they never crossed paths again.

This story went viral on social networks and some Internet users asked directly Pablo Alvarado, today a player of the Palestino de Chile, that if it was true, to what he answered the following.

“LOL something like that, but not with bad intention, but I didn’t have two 50 bills and he told me to give them to him later … I never saw it again. As soon as I see it I’ll give it back to you haha, “he wrote on Twitter.

This is how a soccer player you he owed 50 dollars to Messi, same that you do not need for all that you earn, since it is estimated that the ’10’ of FC Barcelona perceive income from 71 million euros every year.