The PSG dressing room, surprised by the permanence of Mbappé

Sergio Rico stayed at PSG. The club hired Donnarumma as one of its great reinforcements and, for the moment, is alternating in the title with Keylor Navas. PSG made a great investment in signings, something that has multiplied the pressures. Rico explains in an interview on Panenka how much signing surprised the locker room, but even more so that Mbappé continued.

Situation in the goal. “We have a very healthy competition, since each one knows their role. We get along well, especially in my case. I have a great friendship with Keylor, he is an incredible person. If as a goalkeeper he is good, as a person he is the same or better” or this on the subject of the goal of the PSG “.

The Big Three. “It’s incredible. In any training session it is very enjoyable. There is an impressive quality jump, the speed at which the ball circulates is very high. The whole team grows because the training pace is very high, and the quality of the training is maximum. This helps squeeze everyone’s performance equally “

Permanence of Mbappé and signings. “Those of us who were already here have enjoyed it as some more fans. It is a privilege to be able to enjoy each day of these great players and learn from them. All these arrivals have been a pleasant surprise for us, and also that Kylian ended up staying at the last minute. Now we are going to see if we achieve all the objectives that we have set ourselves, but I am sure that we will enjoy and we will continue to learn together “.

Pochettino. “He is very close to the players. He has been on the other side and knows at all times what we like, what we think … That is very important, especially now with all these great names that he has on the squad. If he manages to coordinate all this, to give affection to all and to be well with the squad, I am convinced that it will be a great year. The players we have are impressive. “