WWE removes Ric Flair’s trace from its content

Ric Flair remains at the center of the controversy due to the last episode of the series Dark Side of The Ring. The veteran fighter was singled out as a alleged sex offender for his behavior with one of the hostesses of the flight known as “The Flight to Hell.”

The last we know about the consequences of the documentary is related to WWE. Last night, on Monday Night Raw, WWE removed Ric Flair’s catchphrase (Wooo!) In opening video that the company usually emits before the start of its live shows. The video includes clips from many of the top stars past and present who have worked in WWE. Flair was one of them, but he no longer appears. Obviously, that has come from all the buzz caused by the episode of Dark Side of The Ring, aired last Thursday on VICE TV.

However, it has not been the only movement of WWE in the last hours. The company also has removed Ric Flair merchandise from WWEShop.com. Despite the fact that Flair no longer has a contract, his items could continue to be sold for a specified period of time. On other occasions, WWE has sold merchandising of other stars who had ended their relationship due to a contract issue, but it is said that in this case it has happened because of all the controversy that surrounds the figure of “The Nature Boy”.

It should be remembered that WWE Network and Peacock recently removed a clip of “Story Time” from their library, also aired on ESPN’s “30 For 30” docuseries, which tells the story of Ric Flair and the nudes in their robe. In the “Story Time” video, there are legends like Sting, who points out that he has never seen anyone show his genitals as many times as Ric Flair. The Nature Boy had that bad habit; dressing only in his wrestler’s robe, extending it with his arms and showing his penis. In the video in question, Ric Flair himself explains how he did that on flights and how he had relationships with the flight attendants.

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