The masks of Mexican fighters, prohibited in Qatar 2022

The masks of Mexican wrestlers will not be able to be seen, due to the prohibition by the Organizing Committee of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

MEXICO — The masks of Blue Demon, Two faces, The Saint or any other Mexican fighter will not be able to be seen in the World Cup Qatar 2022because they are prohibited by the World Cup Organizing Committee.

“The latest update from the Organizing Committee is that masks will not be allowed, I have to confess that we took some fighter masks to ask if they could be used and they told us that they did not see him, let’s not forget that we are in a complex region, which is Middle East, in its latest update, where it says what can and cannot be done, masks are prohibited,” he commented. Alfonso Zegbeexecutive director of Strategy and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), in an interview with ESPN.

The tradition of the fans of the Mexican team is to wear the classic fighter masks in the World Cups, something that now cannot be put into practice during the world Cup in which Mexico faces Poland, Argentina Y Saudi Arabia in the group stage.

“They will tell you that you cannot use them, if you take them out there. Coordination with them is important, telling them that it is the Mexican baton and it is possible that they will not say anything or that they may say please take them off, that is why it is recommended not to wear masks,” added the executive director of Strategy and Public Diplomacy of the Secretariat. Foreign Affairs (SRE).

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs will be supporting Mexicans constantly during their stay in Qatar 2022in coordination with the embassy, ​​from mid-November until after the World Cup final is played.

“If it’s at the airport, the alcohol is automatically confiscated, if there is something that exceeds minor administrative sanctions, then you will have the consular protection of the Mexican authorities.”

“Let’s remember that we have an embassy of Mexico in qatar since 2014 and that the Center Mexico Qatar 2022 It is an extension of our embassy, ​​due to the high number of fans, there will be people in charge of their protection. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has great experience in this consular assistance, as long as their condition is vulnerable,” said the official.

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The masks of Mexican fighters, prohibited in Qatar 2022