Summary, goals and penalties: Guatemala (9) 1-1 (10) Guadeloupe 2021 Gold Cup Preview | 07/06/2021

Summary goals and penalties Guatemala 9 1 1 10 Guadeloupe 2021
10:09 PM2 hours ago

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10:09 PM2 hours ago

Summary, goals and penalties

11:04 PM2 hours ago

Game over!

9:55 PM3 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 9-10 Guadalupe

Dimitri Cavare scores and passes Guadalupe to the Gold Cup.

9:50 PM3 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 9-9 Guadalupe

Marvin Ceballos fails to collect; Guadalupe once again has her pass in her hands.

9:45 PM3 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 9-9 Guadalupe

Yohann Thuram converts for Guadalupe.

9:40 PM3 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 9-8 Guadalupe

Ricardo Jérez scores for Guatemala.

9:35 PM3 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 8-8 Guadalupe

Mickael Alphonse also misses his penalty; tome stays even.

9:30 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 8-8 Guadalupe

Gerardo Castillo misses his penalty; Guadalupe has the pass in her hands.

9:25 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 8-8 Guadalupe

Kevin Moeson also scores for Guadalupe and tied the game.

9:20 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 8-7 Guadalupe

Marlon Peleg also scores for Guatemala.

9:15 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 7-7 Guadalupe

Guadalupe doesn’t budge and Ronan Hauterville scores to even things out.

9:10 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 7-6 Guadalupe

Rodrigo Saravia scores and Guatemala is back in front.

9:05 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 6-6 Guadalupe

Thomas Pineau does the same for Guadalupe and ties the board.

9:00 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 6-5 Guadalupe

José Pinto overtakes Guatemala again.

8:55 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 5-5 Guadalupe

Quentin Annette also converted from the penalty spot.

8:50 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 5-4 Guadalupe

Wilson Pineda scores for Guatemala.

8:45 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 4-4 Guadalupe

Steve Solvet does the same for Guadalupe. There will be sudden death.

8:40 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 4-3 Guadalupe

Moisés Hernández scores for Guatemala.

8:35 PM4 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 3-3 Guadalupe

Mavrick Annerose scores and evens the score

8:30 PM5 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 3-2 Guadalupe

Rudy Barrientos converts and overtakes Guatemala.

8:25 PM5 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 2-2 Guadalupe

It fails it! Anthony Baron fails his charge and everything remains even after three penalties per team.

8:20 PM5 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 2-2 Guadalupe

Oscar Santis answers for Guatemala and momentarily ties the score.

8:15 PM5 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 1-2 Guadalupe

Matthias Phaeton scores and holds the lead for Guadalupe.

8:10 PM5 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 1-1 Guadalupe

José Martínez scores the first penalty for Guatemala.

8:05 PM5 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 0-1 Guadalupe

Dimitri Carave scores and overtakes Guadalupe.

8:00 PM5 hours ago

Penalties: Guatemala 0-0 Guadalupe

It fails it! Marvin Ceballos sends his collection over the goal; Guatemala starts badly.

7:55 PM5 hours ago

The second half ends!

Guatemala and Guadalupe draw one in regular time, so their move to the Gold Cup will be defined through the penalty shoot-out.

7:50 PM5 hours ago

89 ‘

Last move for Guadeloupe: Morga Saint leaves and Kevin Moeson enters.

7:45 PM5 hours ago

88 ‘

Guadalupe’s last move: Morga Saint retires and Kevin Moeson enters.

7:40 PM5 hours ago

87 ‘

More changes! Guatemala performs its last: Nicholas Hagen, Stheven Robles and Luis Martínez leave and Ricardo Jérez, Wilson Pineda and Oscar Santis enter.

7:35 PM5 hours ago

78 ‘

Guadalupe also makes two more modifications: Mavrick Annerose and Quentin Annette for Edwing Malpon and Raphael Mirval enter.

7:30 PM6 hours ago

70 ‘

Guatemala performs double movement: Rodrigo Saravia and Rudy Barrientos enter for Marco Domínguez and Darwin Lom.

7:25 PM6 hours ago

62 ‘

Luis Martínez is one more admonished of the meeting.

7:20 PM6 hours ago

60 ‘

Guadalupe’s first move: Thomas Pineau enters instead of Kelly Irep.

7:15 PM6 hours ago

59 ‘

Moisés Hernández receives the yellow card.

7:10 PM6 hours ago

57 ‘

Almost! Mickael Alphonse’s shot comes off just one side. Guatemala is saved.

7:05 PM6 hours ago


For Guadalupe, Kelly Irep receives the yellow card.

7:00 PM6 hours ago

49 ‘

Stheven Robles takes the preventive card for an attempt to fight.

6:55 PM6 hours ago

The second half begins!

Guatemala and Guadalupe seek their pass to the 2021 Gold Cup.

6:50 PM6 hours ago

The first half ends!

After 45 + 2 ‘minutes, Guatemala and Guadalupe are tying at one touchdown.

6:45 PM6 hours ago

Four. Five’

Two minutes of compensation are added.

7:40 PM6 hours ago

36 ‘

Nicholas Hagen! The Guatemalan goalkeeper holds and holds Matthias Phaeton’s shot.

6:35 PM6 hours ago

28 ‘

After almost half an hour of play, Guatemala and Guadalupe are providing a fairly disputed match; none has managed to be superior to another.

6:25 PM7 hours ago


Luis Martínez appears to even the score.

6:15 PM7 hours ago


Quickly, Matthias Phaeton is present to advance his selection.

5:10 PM7 hours ago

Starts the match!

Guatemala and Guadalupe dispute the last ticket to the 2021 Gold Cup.

6:05 PM7 hours ago

Substitutes for Guadalupe

F. Tejou; K. Aajax, K. Moeson, T. Pineau, S. Casimir, C. Makouke, Q. Annette, M. Annerose, V. Tille, S. Romage, L. Archimede, and D. Ramothe.

6:00 PM7 hours ago

Substitutes from Guatemala

R. Jerez; B. Linares, K. García, W. Pineda, J. Ruiz, R. Saravia, R. Barrientos, J. Méndez, O. Santis, J. Arreola, J. Vargas and R. Betancourth.

5:55 PM7 hours ago

Guadalupe Lineup Confirmed!

Y. Thuram; R. Hauterville (C), A. Baron, S. Solvet, M. Alphonse, D. Cavare, E. Malpon, M. Saint, K. Irep, R. Mirval, and M. Phaeton.

5:50 PM7 hours ago

Guatemala Lineup Confirmed!

N. Hagen; G. Gordillo, J. Pinto (C), M. Hernández, S. Robles, M. Peleg, M. Domínguez, L. Martínez, D. Lom, M. Ceballos and J. Martínez.

5:45 PM7 hours ago

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Where and how to watch Guatemala vs Guadalupe online and live

5:35 PM7 hours ago

Guadalupe’s last lineup

F. Tejou; K. Ajax, K. Moeson, C. Makouke, S. Casimir, E. Malpon, V. Tille, L. Archimede, D. Ramothe, and S. Romage.

5:30 PM8 hours ago

Guatemala last lineup

N. Hagen; G. Gordillo, L. Martínez, M. Peleg, D. Lom, J. Pinto, M. Ceballos, J. Arreola, M. Hernández, S. Robles and M. Domínguez.

5:25 PM8 hours ago

Referee designations of Guatemala vs Guadalupe

The central referee for this Guatemala vs Guadalupe match will be Fernando Hernández; Alberto Morín, first line; Miguel Hernández, second assistant; José Torres, fourth official; Erick Miranda, VAR, and Tatiana Guzmán, AVAR.

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