CELEBRATING PATERNITY: Yordan hit the 15th homer and equaled Cuban Legend

By Robiel Vega / @ RobielVega

On July 2, the Astros announced that Yordan alvarez he had been added to the Paternity List, having had to leave the series against Cleveland to witness the birth of his new son. Today, July 6, the man from Las Tunas returned to the Siderales line up and did it in a big way, with the 15th home run of the season.

It was another huge hit, like the ones used by the giant from central Colombia in the province of Las Tunas, 422 feet off a straight cut at 90.6 MPH thrown by the A’s starter Chris Bassitt.

In the low of the same first chapter, after the A’s scored 3 runs, Michael Brantley reached first by walk and then second by Balk, thus, at the first pitch and throughout the center field, he hit the ball with a power such that it came out projected at 109.7 MPH.

For “Air Yordan” it was his 43rd home run in his short career, and with them he equaled a Cuban Baseball legend of the 1950s, both in the Cuban Professional League and in the MLB, Sandy Amorós and incidentally, broke the embrace to 42 homers with Candelita Iglesias.

“El Gigante de Ébano” continues to amaze everyone and when he has not yet played 162 games (to date he has reached 159), he is already the Cuban who has hit the most home runs after his first full season, surpassing the 41 achieved by the great Pito Abreu.

YordanIn addition, he reached 135 RBIs and was placed 2 to equal Marcelino Guerra and 6 to do the same with Francisco Correa, in the same way he has very close to Julio Rojo, who finished his career with 145 and Lourdes Jr. who, although active, accumulates 151.

The young man from Las Tunas, barely 24 years old, who already enjoyed his greatest achievement in the season, and probably in life, being a father, today continued to make history with the bat in his hand and today, in Complete Swing, we present it to him.