Representatives issue delay exchange of Roberto Alvarado for Uriel Antuna

The source consulted by ESPN revealed that there is a full agreement between Cruz Azul and Chivas and it only remains to determine the commissions for the players’ agents

MEXICO.- The wait has become long for both fans of Blue Cross Y Guadalajara as for the clubs and players involved in the winter bombshell that has been cooking for two weeks.

Sources confirmed to ESPN that the negotiation is “on track”, with a total agreement between the directives to give a “green light” to the exchange of Roberto Alvarado for Uriel antuna Y Alejandro mayorgaAlthough the legal departments and sports managers at La Maquina and Chivas are still working on the fine details of the footballers’ contracts.

These details essentially include the temporality of the contracts of Alvarado, with the Rebaño, and Antuna, with the Cementeros, which range from three to four years in each case, as well as the commissions that must be paid to the players’ agents.

“The reps are the ones who make things take time, they want their commissions of 10 percent of the value of the deal and then they charge the players another percentage. They are the main interested in the players moving from one team to another because they earn a lot of money with each transfer, that is why they warm the players’ heads: it is not convenient for the representatives to stay in one team for a long time ” , said to ESPN a source close to the negotiation.

“In any case, the negotiation is already well advanced and it is already close to signing all the players.”

ESPN reported since last December 16 that there is already a total agreement between clubs and that Chivas will retain 50 percent of the federative rights of Antuna for a future transfer, the same as Blue Cross with half the pass of Alvarado for a next sale. Bargaining for Mayorga It is for one year on loan with option to purchase for La Maquina, which expires on December 31, 2022.

For now, the ‘Louse’ Alvarado played 45 minutes on Monday in the victory of La Maquina 2-1 against Venados de Mérida in the first preseason game of the team led by Juan Reynoso, while the “Brujo” Antuna Y Mayorga They traveled with the Flock to Zacatecas to face Mineros on Wednesday as part of the duels to prepare the team led by Michel Leaño.


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Representatives issue delay exchange of Roberto Alvarado for Uriel Antuna