Red October at Real Madrid

October is the month of crises at Real Madrid. Ancelotti not only has he failed to dodge this curse that accompanies the white team in the last four seasonsrather, he has been stepping into the ‘danger zone’ and being shaken by it. alarming tradition that has been installed on the computer.

The good dynamics of Madrid began to go wrong at the end of September (a draw against Villarreal and a loss to the Sheriff) and in the first commitment of October the alertness in the white set after the new KO against Espanyol, which leaves those of Ancelotti with a streak of three games without winning.

Ancelotti: “We have to see why the team has changed its attitude in a week”

Madrid live a new red October, which in previous seasons was also the starting gun for other crises that had major or minor consequences. Lopetegui did not super it, Zidane I saved one and was very touched after the second … and now it is the turn of Ancelotti. October staggers the Real Madrid.

Lopetegui, fired

In the season 18-19, the month of October ended with the adventure of Lopetegui at Real Madrid. The results crisis was huge. Madrid played five games and lost four. He fell in his three league commitments, lost to CSKA in the Champions League and won his other continental match against Viktoria Plzen. The win conceded against Barcelona at the Camp Nou Classic (5-1) on October 28 was the sentence for Julen, who ended up being dismissed.

Zidane, questioned

In October of the 19-20, Zidane listened ‘drums of war’ for the first time referring to his future on the white bench. After his return to Madrid at the end of the previous season, the technician could not get the team out of the tunnel in which he was stuck. A start with two ties in the first three days of the League and a debut with a win in the Champions League against PSG in Paris (3-0) they did not help lower the tension of a busy preseason marked by the 3-7 embedded in a friendly against Atltico.

The lights and shadows of Zidane: better as a player or as a coach?

October came and the team went back to their old ways with a draw at home against him Witches on the second day of the Champions League that left him in a difficult situation. In addition, he fell with a crash in the League before the recently promoted Majorca. Two blows that left ZZ headdress.

The beginning of the end of ZZ

Last season, two painful defeats consecutive at Di Stfano before Cdiz (0-1), first, and Shakhtar, then (2-3) they assumed a turning point in Zidane’s future only three months after winning the League. It was the beginning of the end of the second stage of the technician in the white team, of which he would end up leaving at the end of the season. Another bad result, a draw in Champions on matchday two against Gladbach, it generated more tension in the first of the crises faced by ZZ in a turbulent season that ended in blank at the title level.

Ancelotti, in trouble

The Italian technician is suffering in his own flesh the curse of October in Madrid. First game, first defeat and first problems for Carletto after completing three games in a row without winning. The defeat before him Spanish leaves the team in a crisis of results before the break and with many doubts regarding the game after a promising start to the season (six wins and a draw in the first seven games between League and Champions).