Mexico comes out of the top ten of the FIFA Ranking and is surpassed by the United States

The Mexican National Team appeared in position 14 of the FIFa Ranking and was therefore surpassed by the United States, in addition to leaving the Top Ten

Mexico came out of the top-10 of the FIFA ranking, this after the defeats against the United States and Canada on the last FIFA date, which took it to the 14th place with 1,638.76 points and thus leave the ninth place, which they maintained until before. of said duels.

While, The US team surpassed the Mexican National Team for the first time in this World Cup process, and the team led by Gregg Berhalter climbed to 12th place and is the best Concacaf team on the current list.

FIFA made its cash cut this Friday after the last FIFA date of the year and the falls of the Tricolor against the northern neighbors left the team of Gerardo Martino in a bad position, who climbed positions in recent months thanks to his good step in the qualifying rounds of the Concacaf.

Nevertheless, defeats to the United States and Canada left them just above teams such as Croatia, Colombia and Uruguay.

On the other hand, Belgium consolidated in the first place of the FIFA ranking, while Brazil and France are the second and third place, respectively.

While, England and Argentina were positioned as fourth and fifth places after a good knockout phase in their respective confederations, as both teams confirmed their pass to the Qatar 2022 World Cup on this last FIFA date.

Italy, meanwhile, fell to sixth place after going to the UEFA playoffs to stay alive in their World Cup aspirations. Spain is the seventh place, while Portugal is eighth and lives a situation like Italy, which will have to play playoffs in UEFA.

The rest of the top-10 are finished by Denmark and the Netherlands, while Germany is 11, the United States is 12 and Switzerland is 13.


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Mexico comes out of the top ten of the FIFA Ranking and is surpassed by the United States