Becky Lynch, on AEW: ‘The competition is great’

Becky lynch, RAW Women’s Champion, was recently interviewed by Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. Becky talked about motherhood, her current problems with Charlotte Flair, Seth Rollins, the duration of the Raw shows with 3 hours and other topics. In addition, he stated that he sees other wrestling promotions outside of WWE.

“I watch any wrestling show,” Lynch declared. “The competition is great. It’s great for creatives because I think it helps them boost talent. I think Vince McMahon works incredibly well when he knows a company is pressuring him. In the case of superstars it gives them more options to shine. It’s like if you don’t like vanilla, you can go for chocolate. Everyone wins, the fans, the fighters… and yes, it’s great. “

When asked if he considers AEW to be a competition, he stated: “I consider them the alternative. Your product is different from ours. We offer something that they don’t. ”Lynch added that he tries to keep up with what is going on outside of WWE. He also stated that don’t think there’s too much content on tvBut that there are so many great encounters that fans can desensitize and watch a 5-star match they forget the next day.

Helwani asked Becky Lynch about some of the superstars fired this year. Lynch stated that there are some wrestlers i wish i was still in wwe. “I remain close friends with Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee (known as The IIconics) as well as CJ Perry (Lana). The truth that I am very sad to see friends leaving the company“Becky Lynch declared.

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Becky Lynch, on AEW: ‘The competition is great’